Sony develops display "RayModeler" capable of 360 degree 3D display without 3D glasses

Display that can display stereoscopic images of 360 degrees by Sony "RayModeler"Was developed.

As if you can enjoy stereoscopic images as if there are real objects in front of you, 3D glasses are now unnecessary unlike 3D televisions currently being released by each company, and they are expected to be applied to various fields It is being done.

Details are as below.
An explanatory movie of 360 degree 3D display "RayModeler" released by Sony.
YouTube - RayModeler: 360-degree Autostereoscopic Display (360 ° stereoscopic display) SIGGRAPH 2010

First of all, we introduce features.

Although it was thought that display which displays stereoscopic image around the whole circumference was thought as future technology, Sony seems to have developed 360 degree stereoscopic display realizing that technology.

Realistic stereoscopic picture as if the real thing is real.

LED displays stereoscopic images around the entire circumference.

Because the left and right eyes recognize the natural sense of depth, special 3D glasses are unnecessary.

It accurately reproduces gemstone sparkle and glass reflection.

"RayModeler" is a cylindrical display with a diameter of 13 cm and a height of 27 cm.

Next is an interactive function.

Connectable to PC with HDMI.

Stereoscopic animation can be displayed around the entire circumference.

When operated with the controller, the graphics processor generates the whole surrounding video in real time.

It also supports operations with gestures that control the screen by hand movement.

An omni-directional stereoscopic game is also possible.

Content creation

In addition to being able to produce content with CG design software, it is also possible to capture the actual image and reproduce it as a whole surrounding image.

A system that takes 360-degree 3D images.

By shooting 45 degrees from each direction with 8 cameras, 360 degrees shooting is performed and it is converted to a smooth all-round stereoscopic image with special video processing.

"RayModeler" for the first time realizing high-quality full-color stereoscopic image, small size, interactive moving image display is displayed with stereoscopic images at amusement and visualization technology, digital signage, games, museums, and communication using future stereoscopic images It is expected to be applied in all fields such as.

The prototype of "RayModeler" is a computer graphics festival to be held from July 25th to 29th in Los Angeles, USASIGGRAPH 2010 Emerging TechnologiesIt is said to be exhibited at.

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