Disney develops a technology "HideOut" that makes a character move around in a picture book along a story with a projector

A research institute centered on the latest technology of IT established by Disney in 2008Disney Research, A 3D projector was projected in a picture projector using a mobile projector, and a technique was developed in which a character walks, fly, or jumps along a story.

Disney Research »HideOut

A girl holding one picture book in his hand.

When I projected the projector there, a girl came out from the picture book house.

When you move the projector, the girl walks carefully according to the situation on the page, followed by footprints behind it.

This is the mobile projector HideOut used above.

The technology of the projector is evolving day by day,Small cube projector that can project smartphone screen as it isHave already been made, but technologies and others are also being developed that will allow smartphone screens to be displayed on the spot in the future, and to select content as well.

With this projector technology, board games also evolved more.

When projected by the projector on the board, the appearance of the two boys was shown.

Put a thing like a coaster on the board.

Then the boys started to jump on them.

What kind of technology is enabling girls moving in the picture book in accordance with the story and boys bouncing over the objects? Illustrate that it is like this. A mark is hidden inside an object, and it is a mechanism that the mobile camera installed in the projector recognizes it and outputs it as an image.

The following papers are apparently white at first glance and they seem to have not written anything ......

Marks are drawn with a special ink that responds to infrared light, and when recognized with a mobile camera, it is clearly clear that marks are arranged at regular intervals like the image on the bottom right.

The camera also recognizes the movement of the mark.

I will track it properly even if I change the alignment of marks like this.

Also, HideOut system adopts real time tracking.

Hidden rectangles are drawn in the orange frame, but even if you change the direction of the projector quickly, you can see the square without any problem.

After a while, when the projector was retracted the range expanded, and multiple marks were projected.

The projector is a mechanism that projects the appropriate image according to the angle and position,

A character crossing over the desk.

When I set up the projector somewhat from the right side, the character started moving toward this side.

According to Disney Research HideOut makes the real world a digital playgroundGame ProjectorHe said that he expanded the possibilities. For details of HideOutPDF fileIt is possible to read from.

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