"Leap Motion" which can perform stereoscopic operation including sensing the movement of hands and fingers, including depth, is what is amazing What is it?

Although the mouse and the keyboard are common as the input device to the computer, the fact that attracts attention as a device of a new style is "Leap Motion"is. Leap Motion is a device that can intuitively operate a computer by sensing movement of the hands and fingers of the user. Leap Motion is capable of three-dimensional operation including depth, whereas the mouse can only operate in a two-dimensional manner such as up, down, left and right, and it is unlikely that you will see the movie in depth. First of all, if you look at the movie that actually manipulated Leap Motion It is clear that it is something like.

Leap Motion

Introducing the Leap Motion - YouTube

This is Leap Motion main body (Leap Motion Controller). The vertical length is 30 mm, the width is 80 mm and the thickness is just 12.7 mm, which is very compact, so we will not take up the place even on the desk as well as in the bag.

I pinched Leap Motion Controller (LMC). I can understand its smallness.

LMC connects to the computer with USB. As shown in the photo, by installing it before the monitor, you can sense the movement of the hands and fingers in the upper space with a sensor.

Leap Motion uses a very sensitive LED sensor, which can sense movement of only 1 / 100th of a millimeter. Also, it can detect not only hands and fingers but also rod-shaped objects. For this reason, "any operation on the computer (or input device)RealToNatureIt will be possible, "the development team says.

As a device (3D motion capture device) that senses and manipulates such human movements, alreadyKinectAlthough Kinect is a device specialized in games, Leap Motion is designed to be used as an interface for every computer.

This is Kinect.

The movie that is operating Windows 8 with Leap Motion is here. Even if it is a monitor that is not compatible with touch panel, if you use Leap Motion, you can create a new Windows 8 design "Modern UIYou can make full use of it.

Leap Motion With Windows - YouTube

It can be used effectively not only in Windows but also in Mac. In the following movies, you can see where you are using the "Clear" application and you can understand what you can actually do.

Leap Motion + Clear for Mac - Preview

In addition to operating the OS, Leap Motion is also capable of operating applications, especially "Google Earth"The goodness of operability is felt, you can understand in the movie below that you can operate comfortably than the mouse.

Leap Motion + Google Earth - YouTube

Furthermore, it seems that I am manipulating 3D display using hologram that can feel the SF ticky future. Leap Motion can be grasped when it sees the movements that compatibility with 3D items is outstanding.

3D Display - Re-Imaging (Three.js & Leap Motion)

In this way, Leap Motion is capable of executing various operations of the computer, but it assumes that a dedicated application is installed to the end. As a result, we were waiting for various Leap Motion applications to be delivered, but from today on July 23, Leap Motion's app store "Airspace"Opened, and 75 applications were launched.

Airspace Store by Leap Motion

Applications are divided into categories such as paid and free, for Windows, for Mac, game, education, science, etc. for easy searching.

This is a free application called "Cyber ​​Science - Motion". It seems that we can observe the human bones in detail or decompose and assemble them.

3D animation software "AUTODESK MAYA"Plug-in is also provided free of charge.

The application of shooting game "Solar Warfare" is $ 4.99 (about 500 yen).

If you look at the movie below you can see how it is actually operating, if you move the palm like an airplane and move it yourself, your own machine will move as well, so you can play real shooting game of delusions in the brain, That's why.

Solar Warfare For Leap Motion Controller - Teaser - Youtube

How much is Leap Motion's price$ 79.9 (about 8000 yen)Although it is a device that can operate with high precision and intuitive operation, it is also a cause of great expectation that this low price is realized.

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