I got delicious piranha caught in the Amazon River with soup

Speaking of the Amazon River, it is the world's largest river, but if you go to tributaries you can enjoy various activities such as jungle trekking and piranha fishing. The Amazon River filled the charm of letting adults return to their children.

Hello!World newspaperA special reporterKeihito Kiyais. I am in Manaus around the world, currently in the city of the Amazon River Basin. I plan to go to Sao Paulo in the south, but it is difficult to move because Brazil is so wide.

Manaus is around here

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The streets of Manaus facing the Amazon River

I came to Manaus by descending the Amazon River from the border with ColombiaAs a matter of fact, Manaus is a base for sightseeing to the Amazon River tributary. The only purpose I came to Manaus .... "I want to try fishing piranha in the Amazon River!"

But can you do such a thing? I tried visiting a tour company by useless ......

It is easy to say, "I can eat piranha". I am going to sign up for the Amazon River tributary tour of 2 nights 3 days that I can enjoy other activities. All 390 Real at Comicomi (about 13,680 yen).

Take the boat and head to the Amazon!

About 10 km away from the land ......

The color of the river is somewhat strange!

This is the confluence point of the two famous rivers. The foreground brown is the Solimoins River with a source in Peru, the other black has a source in Colombia Negro river. It is due to the difference between the specific gravity and the flow velocity of the river.

Once it landed, again on the boat to the tributary of the Amazon River.

As I go to the back ... ...


Trees grow from the river!

Why, why ??

It is completely growing ...

This is a flooded forest, it seems to be a scene unique to the Amazon River where the water level changes by about 20 m in the rainy season and dry season. About 4 ~ August the forest of about the same area as Honshu of Japan sinks in the water.

Arrived at the lodge in about 30 minutes. Based on this place, I will enjoy the Amazon River.

The room is like this. Because mosquitoes are abnormally many, mosquito nets are essential. By the way, I got stabbed about 50 places in 3 days, I was going to be crazy ... ....

Leave for the jungle immediately!

So I was awaiting ... ...

Such as to overturn the concept of jungle so far,

An overwhelming jungle!

As I walked through the jungle, I felt that leaves were tremendously large from the trees and got into the island of the giant. It is an obviously different impression from mountains and forests.

If luck is good, such a rare beast. Sloths!

"The movement is slow, but the strength is strong"

To night crocodile searching. It is unexpectedly easy to find because the crocodile's eyes shine gently in the dark when lighting with a flashlight.

Guide gets by hand!

It's small but powerful.

Sharp teeth

Let 's shimmer at the end in Piranha! Bring a simple fishing rod to the river.

What food ...... Chicken meat! Truly carnivorous ... ....

I heard that there is a piranha in such a place.

You're going to fish!

In this way, when you bashabashish the water surface with a rod, piranha comes.

I am serious because today's dinner is hanging.

Come on! I thought it was garbage.

Finally eaten bait many times ... finally, I went fishing!

As you know, piranha is a freshwater fish of carnivorous meal.

It seems scary to have piranha in the guide as well.

Because it's this tooth ...... By the way Piranha is a cowardly fish that is rarely to attack people or large animals.

It is a big catch!

The recipe is ... only to simmer a whole piranha that has been salted.

The soup is a plain seasoning with only salt and pepper, and there are ducks close to the sea bream. The piranha itself is rich in small bones and has few body, it is lighter than I thought. It is recommended to squeeze lemon quickly and eat it.

Thank you for the meal!

Sentence / coverage: Keihito Kiya

Supervision: World newspaper

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