Voyage of the 3 nights 4 days descending the Amazon River as shaken by a hammock like a movie scene

Aiming at Brazilian Manaus, I went on a voyage on the 4th of 3 nights down the Amazon River. When coming down the big river while being shaken by the hammock, a comfortable wind blew from where, and it slept unnoticedly.

Hello!World newspaperA special reporterKeihito Kiyais. I am in Manaus throughout the world, currently in Brazil. It is a wide country, but I am planning to travel around Brazil over the next three months.

The starting point of the cruise is the city of Colombia and Brazilian border, Letizia. You can freely cross the border to Tabatinga, the border street next to Brazil. If you move only between cities, you do not need a passport or a visa ....

The streets of Tabatinga. What you can see in the back ...... Amazon River. It is the world's largest river with a total length of about 6516 km.

I decided to drop down the Amazon River from Tabatinga (green) to Manaus (red), the largest city in the Amazon region. Is it the sex of a traveler that I can not help feeling romance in the sound of "Ship down the Amazon River"?

On a larger mapRoute of travelShow

Tickets to Manaus can be bought at the dock. 200 reale (about 8400 yen) on the 4 nights sailing trip. It is nice to have three bogies.

It is a bigger ship I imagined. The second floor is the room of the passenger.

Before the adventurous journey ... there is a security check.

Even if I do not have to look up so much from the corner to the corner ... .... This is a tough check for the first time. Is it the fate of the nation-bordering country with Colombia that is a drug-producing country?

This is the room where we will spend 3 nights 4 days.

The first thing you should do on board a ship is to secure a "good place" to hammock! Only the side of the toilet must be avoided ......

With the pillars of the ceiling ......

If you tie the hammock firmly with a string ... ...

The bed is finished! The hammock was purchased in advance at the pier.

Passengers' hammocks intersect, creating an unusual sight.

Finally, the beginning of a cruise to Manaus!

The brown color of the Amazon River seems to be because the mud charcoal called "Pete" is melting out.

Anyway it is vast. The catchment area is also No. 1 in the world.

It seems that the water level of the Amazon River is about 20 meters between rainy season and dry season. The remnant that was immersed in water is seen in the tree.

There are small settlements on the banks as well. It seems that the shore of the shore has been scraped off is due to the wave generated from the ship coming and going.

This washroom is like this.

The toilet is cleaned about 3 times a day, so it's pretty clean.

Shower is of course water showers, but it is comfortable during the day. However, insects were flocking to the lights at night, I was showering in about 20 insects, it looked like a punishment game ....

How a TV will be reflected, too. If you turn the upper left handle,

The deck antenna rotates to catch radio waves.

A shop's cafeteria. Passengers seem to have a higher percentage of locals using for travel than foreign tourists.

Bread and coffee in the morning. Milk and a lot of sugar from the beginning for coffee ......

Buffet style for day and night. There is not much room for choice because there are few kinds, but this is also surprisingly delicious.

Lunch is a potato and chicken soup. The inside of the ship where the cooler worked was unexpectedly cold, so the body warmed up.

In the evening the rice is pasta W carbs, chicken wings chicken. Seasoning is dark eyes.

I was lucky to join the BBQ who was doing secretly on the deck. Beef, chicken, sausage ... There is no gap to add vegetables to men's cuisine.

Old people often said that "BBQ is limited to ships".

Contrast between meat and Amazon River.

Party night with alcohol brought in the night!

Read books on the deck ... ...

Do train muscle ... ....

I thought of the jungle spreading on the shore ... ....

How to spend on board is free!

Still, I was almost shaken on a hammock. Although it was the first experience of the hammock, a comfortable wind blows, and coziness is very good.

The hammock moves with a constant rhythm according to the shake of the ship, inviting drowsiness.

Although there was much rain, the moment of sunrise was not seen ... ...

To the beauty of the sunset ......

I lost my words.

Downing the Amazon River Four days and four nights, Manaus of destination is finally visible.

Brazilian journey begins.

Sentence / coverage: Keihito Kiya

Supervision: World newspaper

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