The camera picked up the moment the eclipse or eaten or the leopard prey to crocodiles for the first time

Both of the carnivorousLeopardWhenCrocodileBut, which one is strong if you face a confrontation? While the leopard seems to have minutes in agility, the leopard's body length is about 190 cm at the maximum and weighs about 70 kg. However, if the crocodile is a large seed, it may grow up to 6 m in total length, up to 1200 kg in weight, and in the physique it is in crocodile There seems to be minutes. Also, while the crocodile's body surface is covered with hard scales, it seems that leopards covered with soft fur are not crowded with crocodile's strong jaws.

In fact, in areas where habitats overlap, the appearance that crocodile predators leopard has been observed many times before, but in reverse there is no case of witnessing once.

In the South African animal reserve, the appearance that leopard preaching crocodile is unable to believe experts was included in the camera for the first time.

Details are as below.Leopard savaging a crocodile caught on camera - Telegraph

A series of pictures are from South AfricaKruger National ParkIt was filmed by an American wildlife photographer Hal Brindley. Suddenly a leopard jumped out of the bushes before Mr. Brindley who was planning to shoot a flock of hippos from inside the car and attacked the crocodile that was swimming nearby and it seems he dragged it out of the water.

Leopard jumping to the neck of a crocodile dragged to the ground.

It hangs on the neck, and it takes a hold down.

Crocodile swings up his neck and struggles to desperately escape ... ...

When the neck is pressed down, the crocodile 's strong jago seems useless.

This crocodile seems rather small but probably from the habitatNile crocodileIt seems that it is not. Nile crocodiles are maximum 6 meters long, and sometimes they prey on large livestock and human beings like cattle, one of the strongest reptiles.

It is said that leopard and crocodile fighting had lasted about 5 minutes, but the leopard which initially surprised seems to have always been good.

A leopard holding the crocodile who left it, leaving. The leopard carries the captured prey onto the tree and sometimes eats and preserves for several days, but the crocodile seems to be heavy but seems to be less edible part.

"I tried asking a lot of South African rangers, but everyone said that they never heard that leopard prey on crocodile.The amount of meat obtained by defeating the crocodile is a risk for predation It is totally cryptic, it may be the most amazing sight that I have ever seen, "said photographer Brindley.

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