"Giant Piranha" who also eats crocodiles, caught by a 52-year-old strong fisherman

The obviously terrible fish that can also be called the gigantic piranha is released with the captured captured alive by a brave angler.

If it is a movie it is definitely a type of fish that threatens human beings, but it seems that it has quite a fierce personality as it actually gets stuck with the crocodile.

The way the angler is capturing the gigantic Piranha is as follows.Jeremy Wade's goliath tigerfish: British fisherman grapples with 'giant piranha' | Mail Online

He appeared in TV programs in the UK and has fought with huge fish in various riversJeremy WadeMr. 52 (age 52) caught goliath tigerfish, which can also be called gigantic piranha, in the African Congo River Upstream. Because it was a recording of a television program, I was forced to hold live fish in order to take a pose in front of the camera, but I have to be very careful not to be bite by that sharp teeth It was.

"Giant Piranha" that goliath tigerfish is a fierce freshwater fish and worse than Piranha, 32 tooths of the same size as the familiar white shark in the movie "Jaws" are growing, and if a human being attacks even the crocodile It is said. Mr. Wade says that he has the strength of the jaw which is not odd even if he took him about 1 finger carelessly.

The fish, which is as long as 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) in length, attacks as something moves or splashes a splash, so it is said that it is very difficult for a human who came from outside to capture it like this.

It seems that it took eight days to catch the gigantic Piranha, but after having finished shooting it got away quickly. As I look at the enormity and the sharpness of my fangs, it seems that it is a miracle that no one was injured by the location of life.

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