It has been swallowed by Iguasu, the world's largest waterfall

In the world's three largest waterfalls, Iguazu Falls far surpasses the other two in terms of waterfall width and water volume. I report on his land which the indigenous people called "great water" thoroughly from the site.

Hello.World newspaperIt is Matsuzaki Atsushi of. I am around the world, now I am in the city of Argentina of Iguazu Falls, Puerto Iguazu.

The world's three largest waterfalls Iguazu Falls is the world's largest waterfall that spans Argentina and Brazil, has a maximum head of over 80 meters, a waterfall width of 2.7 kilometers, and a waterfall water volume of 3.6 billion liters per minute. Niagara Falls is 1 km in width of waterfall, 170 million liters of water, 1.7 km in Victoria Falls, 500 million liters each. You can see how big the scale is when compared with the two. By the way, Mrs. Roosevelt who visited Iguacu said that she was "poor little my Niagara."

Iguacu Falls is around here

On a larger mapIguacu FallsShow

In the Iguazu Falls, there is a thrilling tour to pierce the waterfall with a high speed boat, so we have enjoyed the world's largest waterfall including it.

The streets of Puerto Iguazu. Hotel and souvenir shops gather in the center.

I was conscious of Western tourists, there were a lot of stylish stores overall.

It is approximately 40 minutes by bus from the bus terminal in the center of the city until Iguacu Falls

People buying tickets at the department at 9 am. About 400 yen round trip.

As the bus goes out frequently, the bus arrives almost without waiting

I chat with the Dutchman next door and aim for a waterfall. The man who is doing a cook, told the wonderfulness of the Japanese food to the fullest extent.

Arrived at Iguazu National Park. European people full of enthusiasm as early as possible to prepare for the falls.

I will buy a ticket. Approximately 2000 yen for adults.

I got it.

First of all, we will grasp the whole picture of the waterfall with the guide board. Indeed, Iguazu is like this.

Oh, the greatest waterfall in Coco's rumor, "Devil's Throat".

Souvenir shops and restaurants will welcome you when you enter the park.

There is also ATM so you can rest assured that money runs out

Arrived at the train station running in the park. First of all we aim to "devil's throat".

The railroad is arriving

Cute size. There is no charge.

I will go and go about 30 km / h

Its name also gets off at "Devil's Throatbroek Station" and goes to the demon's throat at the top right Orange route.

Trekking route is installed on the water

It is pleasant to walk on water

Oh, I found a beautiful bird on the tree. A lot of wild animals live in the park.

As you walk about 15 minutes, you can see white smoke rising ahead. The sound of water has also become big.

Oh, that splash is ... ....

Arrived at the observatory. "Gowo" and the sound of awesome water anyhow.

this is…….

It is unusual scale feeling

Something, the scale is too big, I feel that I can not recognize it well. When I notice it, "No, this is amazing," I return.

Rainbow cleanly crossing the waterfall

I look into the waterfall, but I can not see the bottom with a splash of water.

If you see the water rising and falling through for a long time, you will fall into a feeling that you will be sucked in.

Next we will head to the route (blue) under the waterfall to participate in a boat rush into the waterfall.

Take the train again and arrive at the station under the waterfall, you will see a long line. Let's have lunch before throwing in.

I only bought this sandwich, cheese and vegetables, but nearly 500 yen ... .... Iguacu is quite expensive.

If you eat rice, there is a small animal!

It is a badger. It seems that he is accustomed to human beings, and he has steadily begun feeding.

Discover the route to go under the falls

I will get off the jungle steadily

There was a likely lizard of 50 cm

The waterfall came into sight

It is quite powerful

Looking from a distance it is like this. There is a person on the observatory on the upper right.

I came to the river. Water from the waterfall will flow vigorously.

Arrive at the boat stop

I will look at the waterfall from the boat platform

From here I will attack the waterfall vase at the back (yellow dotted line). The cost is about 2500 yen with a cruise of about 12 minutes.

I will put on my life jacket

I got a waterproof bag from the staff. Put your belongings in the bag and go to the ship.


To the seat

First of all, I attack a small falling waterfall and scare himself.

At that time everyone's tension has risen ......

Finally, I will jump into where the splash of the back is rising.

Engine fully open!

Onboard image when thrusting at Iguazu Falls at a tremendous speed

Below the waterfall

The momentum of the water is too strong, I can not breathe!

Whole body rubbing wet

Passengers getting off with a look that woke me awake excitedly

The magnificent nature, together with the "Great Water", was a dynamic Iguassu Falls everywhere.

(Sentence / picture: World Newspaper / Atsushi Matsuzaki

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