Misedo's new product "Misdovitz" has been tasted coffee renewed

Mr. Donut will be able to enjoy 6 types of bite donuts from September 13 (Fri)Misdovitz"The taste of coffee was renewed"Missed original roasted coffeeWe released the. Continuing from April, the regular menu was renewed, so I became interested in what kind of taste it is, so I went to the shop and confirmed it at once.

Misdovitz | New Item | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

It also appealed renewal of missed bits and coffee at stores.

Since it is just after opening, the kind of donut is few.

Discovered new product Misudobitsu 6 pieces · 18 pieces · 30 pieces. I will order all types.

Sometimes right after the opening of the store, the shop made lots of donuts.

When receiving goodsMissed club card point service terminationA leaflet of the announcement was handed over. Since issuance of points will be completed on 30th September, those who save points are cautious.

Misudobitsu enters 6 pieces from the left (210 yen including tax) · 18 pieces (630 yen including tax) · 30 pieces (1050 yen including tax). Misedo original roasted coffee (standard price tax included 262 yen) was free at the store you visited, but there seems to be some differences in the presence or absence of service and service.

The size of 6 misdbits is about the same size as the coffee mug.

18 pieces

There are many amounts in 30 pieces and it seems good to eat in large numbers.

Six types of donuts are Angel Ball, Strawberry, Chocolate, Pon de, Golden Chocolate, Strawberry Chulo. Includes a regular menu with a bite size.

Angel ball is a regular menuAngel creamIt is a mini-sized fabric with whipped cream on soft fabric.

Basically, the combination of soft donut fabric and whipped cream of angel cream is the same, but the bite size makes the ratio of cream more, so I feel the taste of cream more strongly.

Strawberry is said to have a strawberry cream containing cornflakes in a texture with a texture that is rich in pink color.

When you are in your mouth the sweet and sour taste and smell of strawberry spread and I feel the taste of strawberry cream like Pocky's strawberry taste. The donut fabric is rice cake, the cornflakes with creams are crispy and you can enjoy the texture.

Choco has a cocoa-flavored rich flavor The chocolate cream with cookies is put in the fabric.

While tiny, the taste of chocolate is strong and you can enjoy the taste of thick bitter chocolate cream. The texture of rich texture, the texture of crispy cookies is also fun, and compatibility with coffee seems to be good.

Pon de RingPon de who made a bite size is covered with glaze with honey flavor like Pon de Ring.

Since the texture and taste of Pon de Ring was intact, as it was not included in the previous similar product D-Pop, it is a pleasant place to eat a classic donut of misdo in a bite. In addition, D - pop can not confirm the menu on the homepage, it seems that it sold it quietly.

Golden chocolateGolden chocolateMini-sized one. D - The classic donut which was also included in pop.

A dish of fun of golden topping which is crispy in chocolate taste fabric. I can also say that it is a long-selling product from 1971.

Strawberry Turo is a donut which is not sold as a regular menu, and a mini size Turo is coated with chocolate with strawberry milk flavor.

HanichurroGood combination of chocolate with strawberry milk flavor is good for crispy crispy texture with same texture. Of six kinds of misdbits, not only the taste is different but also the ingenuity of six kinds of donut's texture has been considerably devised.

I will drink misdo original roasted coffee renewed to accompany the donut.

Coffee beans are Brazilian · Cerrado coffee beans only, using a blend of 4 grades divided in grade.

Coffee which emphasizes acidity rather than the taste of coffee bean which is emphasized fragrance such as Starbucks, rather than the taste of third-wave which is rather popular in recent years. Of course, compatibility with donuts is outstanding, many shops are free to change, and it is a pleasant place that price is 262 yen including all you can drink coffee.

Misdovits, missed original roasted coffee will be sold in regular menus instead of limited time sale. Misudobitsu is a bite size and can enjoy a variety of texture and taste, and coffee has been reborn as aware of trends, so it is impression that we have totally renewed existing products totally.

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