FROGMAN of 'Secret society Hawk's claw' is a movie to be interviewed by Miyazaki Hayao's retirement

On September 6Director Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli made a retire press conferenceHowever, according to this ...... or piggybacked, a movie that FROGMAN, known as the author of the "Secret Society Hawk's Claw" series, will "retire interview"DLEIt arrived from.

FROGMAN abruptly retired at a press conference - YouTube

The familiar streets of "Secret Society Hawk's Claw" ......

Yoshida-kun who seems to have returned from outside hurriedly wearing a television on the president. Even in this world, it seems that a retirement press conference will be held on September 6 ... ...

What was being done was "Retirement of Shimane prefecture of animation world" Frogman (42) retirement interview. "Father of the hawk's nail, FROGMAN, it is one person ~! In addition, "Hitoriro" is a dialect of ShimaneNamasteIt seems to mean that it means.

About the reason for doing a retirement interview, "I understand already, it is piggybacking!", Frogman to tell straight out. Hawk 's claws watching television so much are no reactions.

By the way, next Friday September 13th is already "Hawk nail GO ~ beautiful Elieres deodorant plus ~Although it is made public ... ...

"Frogman who repeats masochistic remarks that" everyone's attention degree and skill as a manager is a complete defeat everything "

Moreover, when the release date is covered with "Wolverine: SAMURAI" and it seems that there will be no more again, it will be depressed.

Meanwhile, we celebrated the making of movies, including hawk's nail chou, already already ordered goods. It will become a mountain of stock unless somehow.

"I do not care what you mean,"Distribution of next-generation DVD as visitor benefitsIt is also decided to do.

"I do not think so, but I do not understand this either!"

For Yoshida-kun putting in as saying "Is not it a retirement interview?" President is sympathetic to Frogman.

"The low budget gag animation like a hawk nail is stupid from the world, it gets frustrated and nobody picks it up.The passion put in the work does not change for any work ...... "

Yoshida-kun seems to be beginning to feel the feeling of supporting Frogman in that word.

Frogman shouting "Do not know ~!" Whether you know the feelings of the two people. I am still young to retire, so I have to work hard ... ....

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