Yoshida-kun puts Tsukkom into TSE Mothers listing on DLE of "Secret Society Hawk's Claw" production movie

"Secret society Hawk's claw" is makingDLEHas been listed on TSE Mothers on March 26. As it is a big step for the company, DLE invites users to tour the TSE, and Yoshida creates movies that will put Tsukkom into that state and publish it at once.

DLE of "secret society hawk's claw" listed on TSE Mothers - YouTube

The faces of the hawk's claws who came to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Yoshida-kun seems not to grasp the circumstances why it came ... ...

This is because the DLE that is producing the "secret society hawk's claw" which is Yoshida-kun's content is listed on TSE Mothers. Yoshida-kun, "Do you mean becoming a mother!" The president returns to Majima "Although it saves the details, but it is hard to list," Yoshida becomes "to become a mother It's too hard for me, though. "

"Hawk's Claw" Stand on the TSE! ""

If I thought that the quality of the background was comparable to the live-action picture, this is an unusual live-action part.

"Public Holiday Listing D-Lee Yee"

The sense of incongruity that President and Yoshida-kun, Dr. Leonardo are on the exchange.

People equipped with Yoshida-kun's face as well.

Why are these people, DLE is "TOKYO SECURITY EXCHANGE TOURS WITH Hawk's ClawsBecause it carried out.

Everyone told me "It's ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー"

Yoshida-kun putting in a figure of FROGMAN director, "Nancy, that guy, put in a bracket". In a hurry, "If you make the author angry, the eagle will die twice," the president followed up.

Mr. Ryuta Shiiki, President and Representative Director of DLE.

We will receive a commemorative shield / listing notice · mallet.

"A mallet? Are you hitting the unfavorable mothers?" Yoshida-kun

Actually, it is a bell that starts attending.

Yoshida-kun, who is not afraid of the director, said the company that is making themselves, "I can not believe that the company making such FLASH animation lists.

Actually, when "THE FROGMAN SHOW" appeared on the TV in 2006, it seems that the handling of "private cheapest animation animation", "cost is cheap but the picture is shabby".

However, once speaking of the video content there were only television and movies ......

Now that social media has developed, it is one that is required not only to deliver heavy, long and large content, but also to be able to supply items quickly and easily and with good quality stably.

What DLE advocates is exactly this place called "Fast Entertainment."

Making video · project production · merchandising · game production · event · publishing skewered ......

We have successfully collaborated with companies and local governments.

Thanks to individual creators demonstrating superhuman power, its realization ....

Because management, producer, studio, sales are united, DLE has a mechanism to raise contents literally like my child. President and president, "Look forward to DLE in the future."

So, for the time being, for the time being, on April 4, Yoshida-kun who successfully dropped the movie "Hawk's Nail 7 Majesty of the Majesty the Majesty of the Majesty" free of charge, so everyone wants to see it.

NASA in 2010 "Press conference on 'Discovery on Astrobiology'When I did it, the content was a bit different from what I was expecting from the surroundingsA parody movie to make a press conferenceMake,Retirement press conference conducted by director Hayao Miyazaki of Studio GhibliRiding onI also went to the interview with FROGMAN, DLE has embodied "fast entertainment" which he plays. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of success the DLE that I listed will show and how far the Yoshida-kun are entering.

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