【GIGAZINE exclusive release】 Recording reservation Rush filled animation "Thermae · Romae" Announcing movie

The Roman Lucius, who has been time slipping through the drainage of the bathhouse from the ancient Roman era to the present age, touches the Japanese public baths culture ... ... depicts a surprising intercultural communicationThelmae Romae"Is animated and broadcasting will start from this evening.

GIGAZINE monopolizes its announcement movie. DLE known as "secret society hawk's claw" creates animation, so the announcement movie is the president and Yoshida-kun is fiddling with "Thermae · Romae" animation.

Anime "Thelmae · Romae" broadcast announcement movie

The movie starts from the place where "Thelmae · Romae noisa (Torune) recording reservation number 1 !!".

The president is surprised by the popularity, but Yoshida-kun said, "Because it is noitamina, everyone is hot," as usual. By the way, Noitamina is the name of the animation broadcasting frame of the Fuji TV series, so far "Honey and Clover" "Nodame Cantabile" "Moyashimon" "We do not know the name of flowers we saw that day" "Rabbit drop" It has been broadcasting popular works, and it is also a frame that is expected to "have few losers".

Yet, Yoshida emphasized that "(animation) production is that DLE!" Because DLE is famous for FLASH animation including "secret society hawk's claw". "No, it's FLASH animation!" This is a surprise for the President as well.

It is not a short animation of 5 minutes, it is a 30 minutes animated reality.

Fuji which Lucius was drawn in a public bath is "a Vesuvius of Pompei Volcano!" A surprising scene is like this.


FLASH animation is sometimes often used for short animation, "Fuji TV, adventure was done" and the president is popular.

For that reason, I will send special stream radio on Ustream and accept it if there is something. Here, director Yato and FROGMAN will appear, telling the state of the production process until the end of the animation broadcasting, and answering questions from viewers.

"Do not do it marching in Odaiba even if you make a mistake, do not look again anymore!"

I do not know if I'm confident of being interesting, but I started broadcasting at Fuji TV from 25 o'clock. Ustream broadcasting "Activity report of Hawk's claw group spokesperson PepakoIt seems to start around 24 o'clock.

Incidentally at MBS from Saturday, January 21 (Sat), before Yoshida-kun entered the claw group of the hawk "Yoshida-kun secret society once a long time ago"Will start. MBS is not a Fuji TV series but a TBS line, but what a bold numbering ... ....

Torne's recording reservation situation was like this, at the 1 o'clock on 12th December it was the No. 1 popularity exceeding 10,000 Torr.

"Thermae · Romae" which the live-action movie is also decided in 2012.All 3 episodesAnd, what kind of animation will it ...?

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