A huge event "Burning Man 2013" that creates a chaotic hypothetical city in the desert, all articles summary

"To be open to everyone" "Promotion of gift culture" "To escape from commercialism" "To be thoroughly self-reliant" "To study self expression" "To cooperate together" "Responsibility as a social occupant "We will set ten principles of" not to leave behind, "" to participate, "" to take care of the experience at the site ", to create an imaginary city with a diameter of 2.4 km in the desert for a week, Participants do every expressionBurning manThe theme of 2013 inCargo cult. I got on a spaceshipThe ManAs well as variousthe workYaPerformers,Art car,People with strange costumesI summarized the state of the burning man that was overflowing and chaotic.

About 12 hours after leaving Japan, I arrived in Reno, Nevada, USA.

There is a banner at "Welcome to Burning Man" at the airport, pushing the burning man throughout the town.

What I need in the burning man is to buy it in the town of Reno, but it is a supermarketWalmartHe also sold the bicycle of the God tire for the desert.

There is a burning man where a night and night party is held, but many people are getting up early to see the sunrise and are coming to Temple.

Women dancing with a butterfly dancing around Temple.

It is elegance.

There were also several pairs of wedding ceremonies at the burning man venue.

Two people swearing love while being surrounded by friends.

Candles, photographs etc are placed on the carpet.

Kiss of the oath.

The rising sun ... ...

I circle around the married two people.


People playing music ... ....

I also discovered the appearance of tea drinkers.

I look at each morning sun.

People prayTempleHe was filled with memories of the participants in the latter half of the burning man.

Messages are written everywhere and pictures are posted.

People gathered at the altar.

A lot of things.

Some thousand paper cranes were also decorated.

At the burning man venue balloons are also flying.

The figure of a person who has a fishing rod at the end of the thread to which the balloon is connected.

Circus? I also saw a lot of people on a big bicycle that I thought would be.

There are various things everywhere in the town as well as large-scale art works and facilities. Here is the place to fulfill my wish.

If you write your own wish and name in the stone, the address in the BRANCHMAN Venue Black Rock City (BRC) and put it in the hole, another person will find the wish and will come true. Also, find your wish in the hole by searching for a wish you can achieve.

There are lots of stones in which wishes are written in the hole.

"Succeeded in your 30s", this is not going to help a bit.

There was a public telephone in the town.

It seems that you can make a free call within North America, within 3 minutes.

A booth standing dramatically in the vast desert.

It has the letters "Advice" and seems to be accepting life consultation.

I often saw the figure of a person drawing a picture on my body.

Some people play music for themselves.

On the Saturday the burning man symbol The Man is burned, but the fire had not disappeared even on Sunday evening.

Some people threw in surplus timber etc in their work.

And at 5:30 in the morning of the next day after the burning man was over, I started early as "I thought that it must be crowded with people going home as the sun rises", but already near the hall exits are full of burners returning home .

Since the beginning people proceeded smoothly, "I have a sweet expectation that I can get out of the unexpected soon because there is no ticket check or checking", but I betrayed the expectation and I feel like moving in the direction of being near the exit The cars that we do not show.

There was a tremendous row behind when the sun rose.

There are about 10 lanes from the burning man venue to the freeway, but since the lane will eventually become one, the road was getting very crowded without checking or checking tickets. It was 5:30 in the morning that I left the place where I was camping but when I finally got out of the Burning Man venue I already got around 11:30 and took about 6 hours to get out of the venue Calculation. By the time the editorial staff left the hall, the rows were supposed to be even more amazing, so let's have plenty of time to leave the plane tickets for the return.

Furthermore, because there is a speed limit in the neighboring town, the car did not go slowly only after going to the freeway.

So, the summary of "Burning Man 2013" is from the following.

◆ 2013 08/27 11:44:53
The way to a "burning man" that creates an imaginary city with a diameter of 2.4 km in the middle of a desert is like this

◆ 2013 08/27 15:00:24
Burning man symbol "The Man", the 2013 version rotates on the disk

◆ 2013 08/27 14:00:25
Burning man venue Various patrols of major facilities of "Black Rock City"

◆ 2013 08/29 15:00:10
Black Rock Chapel that stands in the desert, made with photographs "PHOTOCHAPEL"

◆ August 29, 2013 13: 10: 56 seconds
I went up to the huge building "The Man" as if an alien had been attacked

◆ August 29, 2013 11:00:15
It is not a thing but a priceless friendship that can be obtained at Costco in the desert

◆ 2013 08/28 14:00:11 seconds
What is the building like modernism built in the middle of the desert?

◆ 2013 08/28 10:49:19
I went to the pyramid 'Temple' with a height of about 20 meters made by combining trees

◆ August 29, 2013 17:00:43
"Center camp cafe" that feels incompatible with using money is like this

◆ 2013 August 30th 19: 00: 05 seconds
Discovered a UFO that crashed in the Black Rock Desert near the area 51 in the USA

◆ August 31, 2013 12: 00: 02 second
What happens when you spend the day in a town of "gift" culture where money does not exist? Report - Part 1 -

◆ August 31, 2013 15:00:26
What happens when you spend the day in a town of "gift" culture where money does not exist? Report ~ middle part ~

◆ August 31, 2013 21:00:26
What happens when you spend the day in a town of "gift" culture where money does not exist? Report - second part ~

◆ September 01, 2013 09: 00: 51 second
Art work which was exhibited in Black Rock Desert at Burning Man Venue Summary

◆ September 01, 2013 23: 00: 04 seconds
The moment when rabbits and carrots collide with the survival of seeds in sand smoke

◆ September 03, 2013 16:00:27
Day and night figure of a mysterious wooden structure nestling in the desert such as gigantic cockroaches, until burned out

◆ September 03, 2013 19:00:57
Summary of eating habits of a burning man that is just a bit different from camping life

◆ September 03, 2013 18: 15 minutes 58 seconds
Burning man's symbol "The Man" burned grandly as if telling the end of the festival

◆ September 04, 2013 19:30:31
People who had a strange appearance in Burning Man Fashion Show etc

◆ September 04, 2013 21: 00: 00 second
An octopus that blows a flame and a flashy art car that was encountered in "Burning Man"

◆ 2013 September 04 22:30 minutes 00 seconds
The last event of desert celebration burning man, Temple burning quietly

And, although it is a communication environment to worry about, it seems to be blocked from the outside world because the town is made in the middle of the desert, there are places where Wi - Fi can be used in cafes, etc, public phones are also set up by participants Therefore, it was supposed to be able to contact outside people without problems even from the venue if we wanted to contact. In addition, the burning man of 2013 was a calm climate without storm hit, and it got cold a little in the morning but there were days when it was hot to wear a sleeping bag at night, but depending on the year, It is hot as it does not feel like doing anything and it is still cold even if you wear all the things you can wear at night, so sometimes it is still cold. "When participating, do not look sweetly in the desert environment and prepare well It is important.

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