"Art & Culture of Burning" that creates huge cities from the desert in the desert, reflects the appearance of the festival · burning man who burns after a week and gives it all to nothing

In a desert that does not have 4.5 square kilometers of pentagon town in the desert, participants express art by each method for about one week, and on the last day they burn "Man" which is a symbol of Burning Man and return it to nothing A celebration of art is held every year in the state of Nevada in the USABurning Man (Burning Man)is.VimeoPublished in "DREAM - Art & Culture of Burning Man"Tells about the state and the work of people participating in a festival / burning man where as many as 60,000 people gather from around the world in a movie of about 14 minutes.

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Burning man is made by dividing a circle with a diameter of about 2.4 km around an image of a human figure into three, making the two arcs in an urban area and the remaining one open spaces.

A man who wrapped a honeymark "winning" in the head said, "Burning man is not just an event, it is a community created by creative individuals all around the world."

To the burning man, "to be open to everyone", "to promote gift culture" "to break away from commercialism" "to be thoroughly independent" "to study self expression" "to work together There are 10 principles of "to fulfill our responsibilities as a social occupant" "to not leave behind" "to participate" "to take care of the experience at the worksite"

The period is 8 days.

There are 50,000 participants.

Burning man starts with nothing in the desert.

As people make huge buildings and vehicles in each, soon the desert changes like a city.

There was a Roman.

People carrying Trojans.

Compared with the people in the sand where the Trojan horse is under, we can understand its enormity.

People are shooting arrows against a burning Trojan horse.

A state of making art work. The desert is too vast and it looks like a miniature.

Illuminated by colorful lights, it looks like an amusement park in the evening.

From the distance it is the city's neon itself.

Burning man is unique in that there are many avant-garde huge objects.

Female body making.

People carrying lanterns seems to be some kind of ethnic ceremony.

Even if it is night, various events are held.


As in 10 principles, "being a mere onlooker" is strictly prohibited by the burning man. We are required to participate at all times.

Many people move by bicycle because the site is too wide.

If you think that a colorful huge balloon is flying ......

A person was hanging.


Participant Heather was hanging from the huge balloon. It is also characteristic of Burning Man that you can join yourself to huge and public art.

Likewise, participant Crimson said that participants are burning men who can show their possibilities in their respective expressions.

A woman preparing for the show.

There will also be a show using a large scale stage equipment.

All vehicles that are desert mobility means are also made by participants.

Even at night it is like a spaceship.

Octopus blowing fire here also moves as a means of transport during the day.

Uncle manipulating with a smile.

Captain Andy, an artist who actually makes vehicles.

The captain that the captain is making is quite a strange design.

Meanwhile, among the objects LOVE and ......

People who work yoga.

Chibikko is also participating.

The artist Jones creates works using images.

It is this woman who expresses Jones' art.

I am dancing in white costumes.

Mr. Jones who plays geometric image on computer. The communication environment is provided by volunteers voluntarily, so it is in the middle of the desert, but the internet is also possible.

When the sun sets off and projects the previous image to the woman who dances in white costumes, fantastic images emerge in the dark.

Also a temple was made.

This is a member who built a temple.

Many people gather around the temple and live a life.

Inside the bell sounds reverberate.

Creating and playing instruments is a different artist than building.

This is the instrument.

Regardless of day and night, many people come to pray.

It is lighted up at night and it is another atmosphere from daytime.

Not only artists but also musicians are among the participants. This is William who makes huge harp.

Any huge harp that can not be played unless you move the whole body "Earth Harp"

It is regarded as the longest harp in the world at the present moment.

Andrea is playing music.

Numerous expressions are done during the period, but it is Burning Man's decision that art will be burned on the final day. A majestic temple is also lighted.

Art burned and steadily.

Participants will sit down and watch over them.

Even a tearful person.

This woman is offering prayers.

And the celebration that has been built over the last 8 days will end.

DREAM is a movie revealing that film maker Rich Van Every focuses on organizers and participants, "What is behind the scenes of Burning Man?"Spark A Burning Man StoryA part of the edited version. The movie Spark A Burning Man Story itself is going to be released this summer.

Spark - A Burning Man Story Trailer

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