"Burning man" that 7 million people gathered from all over the world in a "city without money" to help each other and survive 2016 Summary Movie

Tens of thousands of people gathered from all over the world in nothing else Nevada desert created fictitious city "Black Rock City" where money does not exist, live naked, exhibit art works, exhibit yoga And dancing, expressing myself anyway and living while surviving the event "Burning man"is. The theme of 2016 is "Da Vinci's Workshop (workplace in Da Vinci)", and in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada USA in the Burning Man venue seems to be lined with people with stunning & gorgeous works with individuality and explosion So, a summary movie that makes you feel like participating in the event has been released.

Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapse - YouTube

An object that rotates while emitting colorful light.

I will spur a fire suddenly.

The tent that vividly shines ......

I draw beautiful patterns.

The subsequent work is like a heart.

The flame is getting heavy or weakened. It may be a message that "burn the heart".

Even then, people are gathering around the light.

There is a mechanism for people to put in a gleaming cylinder. I care how the outside world looks.

People relaxing under the dome.

The dome becomes purple or ...

It changed to rainbow color.

Burning man glowing people. Because there is no electric light, when you go out at night you may be hit by a bicycle if you do not wear light anywhere in the body.

The octopus injecting the fire actuallyI also saw it when I went to Burning Mann in 2013.

A character of "HOME" nestling in a morning glow or a sunset.

The 2016 version of "Burning Man" symbol "The Man" is as follows.

Wild boar objects and ... ...

The grasshopper of my legs.

Shark's object ... ... but not this, this is a car for moving. At the burning man venue that creates a vast urban area with a diameter of 2.4 km, a lot of fancy cars running like invisible art on the car are running.

An object of a robot as if it is half buried in the ground.

This is a car for traveling. Although it seems to attract attention when running on an ordinary road, nobody is paying attention, especially at the burning man venue as it is an ordinary figure.

A fantastic work like a huge plant.

It is a black rock desert where severe sandstorms occur every day, but this time a tornado also appears to have occurred.

This is also an art work. It seems that it is supposed to be inside.

Ikkaku ... ....


A huge snake ......


People who dance on swans. However, because there are a lot of huge buildings, dead people sometimes get out at the burning man, so be careful with handling the work.

If it says something about continuous rings ......

In the evening it will be active as a light arch.

A gleaming bridge.

Towering tower.


This is also like a moving car.

To a huge light mushroom ......

There was also Kraken.

In addition, the 2016 Burning Man finished on September 5, and participants70 000 people cameIt is a pattern.

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