3D stereoscopic view becomes flat 2D and the "Nintendo 2DS" official movie of about 10,000 yen level is easy to understand

"Nintendo 2DS" is a new handheld game console that Nintendo can play DS / 3DS games on sale on October 12. In addition to omitting the 3D stereoscopic function, it is becoming impossible to collapse, the price is very cheap as 129.99 dollars (about 12,000 yen), but what exactly is it like You can understand well by looking at the official movie.

Nintendo 2DS - Official Website at Nintendo

Nintendo 2DS - Announcement Trailer (Nintendo 3DS) - YouTube

First of all this is 3DS

The feature is compact

Next 3DS XL

The big screen is Uri

And 2DS

Looks like this, there is no hinge

Points that all games can be done in 2D

Color can be carried in two colors and blue and red in a special case

When comparing the size of each, it becomes like this

Next is a movie that understands the actual size etc.

Nintendo 2DS - Introduction - YouTube

Pretty flat with a feeling of peace

Only the buttons are enlarged

A ballpool

If it puts this way it seems only to be a concept movie or a net movie that petted 3DS, but it is serious

Actually holding it in your hand is like this

The release in Japan is undecided.

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