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The line rate of the internet is slow but the usage fee is high! But you can not live without a net ...... Many people will endure peacefully expecting service improvement at such times. But if we can not expect any improvements in service ... Greek net users have set aside the poor Internet infrastructure of their country, how to build their own private Internet and operate themselves by users themselves. What is "genuine freedom" gained by Greek net users?

The Daily Dot - Greek community creates an off-the-grid Internet

◆ Greek net situation
In Greece, the services provided by the major net line provider companies are expensive, although the line speed is slow, their quality was the lowest. Internet users who rebelled against companies looking for expensive fees are called Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN), which consists of a wireless network by rooftop antennas in 2002Mesh network(Mesh) will be built in Athens in the capital.

The AWMN mesh line speed is quickly becoming very popular with high quality of 30 times the speed provided by major providers in Greece. AWMN which began with Athens spreads to the islands around Athens quickly because it is using a wireless network that is easy to install. Today, there are more than 1,000 members with rooftop antennas installed, as well as blogs and search enginesCraigs ListDeveloped by the time that item-specific advertising services like. A user of AWMN says, "It's a completely different web world, it's our network, but it's also a playground."

The following are visualized network which is actually constructed.

Mesh active in various parts of the world
In Greece meshes popularized due to high quality can be seen in various parts of the world. Spain's largest mesh, the world's largest mesh boasting over 21,000 membersGuifiWas built with the aim of delivering Internet services to towns scattered in the countryside.

This is Guifi'santenna.

Also, in the United States that suffered damage by hurricane · sandy last year, in the United States, it is used to restore the net line by constructing a mesh near Brooklyn.

New value of mesh ◆
In this way, it is a mesh that enables us to use internet services in remote areas with flexibility that can be customized cheaply by users themselves, but its usefulness has been pointed out from a different perspective in recent years.

In the first place for the authorities of the time the Internet is extremely vigilant. For example, in 2011, when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak of the time learned that dissidents are systematically active on Facebook, they ordered the Internet service providers in the country to block access , Prohibited 17 million Egyptian citizens from accessing the net. In addition, for the powerful people the Internet is also an impetus driving the urge to abuse,Spy activity by the National Security Agency (NSA)Is the best example of misuse of the Internet.

But on the private Internet it will be impossible to make a leap even with NSA. Even if it is possible to force private enterprises to cooperate with intelligence activities by applying pressure, there is no possibility that mesh members will cooperate. Because they are volunteers who see freedom as the highest value.


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