I stayed at the hotel "La Quinta Inns & Suites" where we can stay at 3,000 yen per person with breakfast & free Wi-Fi at Mecca Reno in the casino

Las Vegas in Nevada state and Macao in China are famous casino streets where people gather with a fortune dream, but another casino Mecca in Nevada hasRenois. It is a smaller city than Las Vegas, it is a casino town with a homey atmosphere, but in the city "La Quinta Inns & amp; Suites"It is reasonable price and access from main street and airport seems to be good, so we decided to actually stay.

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This hotel where we stayed this time "La Quinta Inns & amp; SuitesAlthough the place of the airport is right next to the airport, there is nothing to say that noises are totally, access to the main street is 7 minutes by car and 15 minutes by bus.

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Following Las Vegas is famous for casino · city in Nevada USA ·Reno. The night of the main Virginia street shines with neon, the nickname is "The Biggest Little City in the World (the biggest small city in the world)". Since the area is 179.6 square kilometers, it is less than one-third of Tokyo's 23 wards.

The exterior of the hotel is here.

It is a two-storey yellow building.

Inside the room is like this. There are two double beds in the room.

You can check the appearance of the interior from the following movie.

I stayed at the hotel "La Quinta Inns & amp; Suites" of Casino Reno - YouTube

Since the bed is a double bed, it is a size that can be relaxed side by side even for adults.

The ride is fluffy.

There are three pillows per bed, so you can hug your pillow and sleep.

Samsung's LCD TV in front of the bed.

The washroom is tiled.

A coffee maker on the washbasin. There were two types of coffee, ordinary and decafé.

The toilet and bath are unit baths separated by curtains.

Amenity was only rinse in shampoo and soap.

Because it is a double room, we have two sets of towels.


The table is a classical atmosphere.

The shape of the outlet of the outlet on the side of the table is the same as Japan.

Wi-Fi can be connected free of charge for 24 hours, so you can withdraw when you are out of money at the casino.

Breakfast is free too. I was able to eat next to the lobby.

A mechanism to eat food freely.

Drinks are coffee and fresh juice.

Eggs and bagels such as muffins and yu.

There was also a cereal.

Next to the bagel is a microwave oven and an oven toaster, which you can warm food and bake your bagels.

Two minutes after setting the bagel in the toaster ......

The breakfast preparation is complete, such as a well-burned bagel.

I will have plenty of cream cheese and jam.

There was also a machine that could bake waffles.

This is the tank containing the waffle seed.

Pour the seeds from the tank into the cup ... ...

Pour into waffle mold.

After 3 minutes, take out the waffle from the iron plate and finish.

If you serve maple syrup and butter, you can eat hot waffles.

The price varies according to the time, but the double room we used this time is about 7380 yen per night, if you stay with 2 people the cost of one person is about 3700 yen. Access to downtown is also good, so it is recommended for those who want to increase the war capital even a little in preparation for the casino.

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