I tried staying at the capsule hotel "Yotel" at London Heathrow Airport which imaged contemporary Japan

Headquartered in the UKYo! CompanyRecognizes contemporary Japanese culture as the future, rotates "Yaw! SushiWe expanded the chain around the world and succeeded. There is a capsule hotel in Yo! Other than Rotorashi from Japan and there is a capsule hotel in London's Heathrow Airport and New York "YotelBecause it is said that it is operating as "We actually tried staying.

New York hotel times square & airport hotels - Yotel

Yotel is located at London Heathrow Terminal 4.

There is a TV in the entrance and it enters from the door next to it.

It looks like a gateway for staff, but on the back wall there is a message "Welcome to Yotel".

Immediately after entering the entrance there was a check - in machine that was not used right now. Perhaps it is an image of "technology in contemporary Japan".

Automatic door on the left side entrance.

When passing through the automatic door, we found a word "The Galley" meaning a boat or a kitchen inside the aircraft. Apparently it may be imagining a futuristic ship or aircraft. It is now accepting this place, not only check-in but also that it accepts drinks and food orders. By the way, warm coffee and tea is free.

After checking in at the reception, I got a printed card key of "Yo! It's Time".

At the reception desk, I got a floor plan of the room. The room drawing called "Standard Cabin" single room to stay this time is like this. It is a capsule hotel, but the room has shower and toilet besides bed, feeling that room is extremely narrow business hotel.

The diagram of the double room "Premium Cabin" looks something like this.

The corridor heading to the room is lit up in light purple.

When arriving in the room to stay this time, the door is like a cabin. Unlock it with the card key you received at the reception desk.

When entering into the room there is a large glass directly in front, there is a space like a box with a bed on the right side.

As soon as I entered the room I got a shower on the left side ......

A toilet is installed.

There is one pillow on the bed, and on the top of the bedside there is one telephone to get in touch with the receptionist. The bed is not too soft, it's just too nice.

There are two lights on the telephone.

Television set on the foot side of the bed.

PHILIPSI used a TV made by.

Looking at the TV from the bed is like this.

In front of the entrance, on the left side of the bed there is something like a big mirror, socket and blue board.

There is something like a handle on the blue board.

Trying to pull it by hand ......

It became a folding table. The size of the table is large enough to work with laptops etc, but because there is no chair in the room, it will be in a shape to sit on the bed and work.

There was a hanger on the mirror.

Television remote control.

A menu of food and drinks written as "TO GO". On the cover is a sushi, a bowl of rice bowl, and a mermaid on the top of the noodle, which is quite difficult to see in Japan.

Continental breakfast is 6.95 pounds (about 1040 yen), pizza is 6.95 pounds, drink is Coca-Cola 500 ml 2.50 pounds (about 380 yen), beer is Canadian-madecurlingWith GermanBexThere are both 300 ml 3.5 pounds (about 530 yen)

Outlet socket is equipped with standard type BF type in the UK and type SE type used in France and Germany. When using electric appliances in JapanOutlet conversion plugIs necessary.

There was a switch which seems to be for air conditioning and heating on the right side of the mirror, but it was broken or did not move at all. There are three switches in the room lights in total.

Looking at the toilet and shower room from the bed is full of ... ...

The curtain on the shower room is to be closed to the space of the toilet.

The toilet is neither beautiful nor dirty and there is no problem.

Fukafuka's bath towel is one on the top of the toilet.

The washbasin is like this.

The shower room is adequate for one adult to enter.

There is no soap, etc., 1 body of soap and shampoo with organic material. I tried using it while bathing, but after hair wash, my hair has become disgusted, so it is better for those who are interested to bring their own shampoo.

The shower nozzle is quite large, and the momentum of hot water is a little weak.

Shower temperature control lever. When turning the lever to the left, the temperature of the hot water became too high and it was a level that was likely to burn.

To prevent the hot water from overflowing during showering, there is a step difference from the other spaces.

There is something like a black chair hanging on the door.

When I opened it and opened it turned into luggage storage.

All rooms are "non smoking".

There are 32 rooms in all, 21 double rooms and 9 single rooms.

The door has a small window like a cabin.

You can not see anything from the outside if you drop the handle attached to the top of the window.

By the way the double room is like this with beds even luxurious than those of single rooms, with pipe chairs attached.

Unlike a typical hotel, Yotel is a system that changes the charge depending on how many hours it is used. The usage fee for 1 hour seems to be different according to the time, the day of the week, the time zone, for example, check in at 3 p.m. (Friday) 2013 at 19:00 and check out at 9:00 on the next day on Saturday the next day, It is considerably expensive compared to the price of inexpensive Japanese capsule hotel, which is 71 pounds (about 1640 yen) in the double room and 93.50 pounds (14000 yen) in the double room. It is totally different from the Japanese capsule hotel where the room is very small, but it may be convenient if the next flight is early in the morning or there is considerable waiting time when transferring the airplane at the airport.

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