Since the eel is too high, I tried to eat "chicken meat of chicken" that looked just like it with chicken meat

The price rise rate of recent eel is tremendous, the purchase price is about 10 times compared with 2004, it is about 3 times compared with 2011, specialty shops dealing with domestic eel offering at a price exceeding 2000 yen, It is getting a little bit of food. Meanwhile, the Marunouchi Foods looked like chicken to be grilled chicken "Grilled chicken meatIt's about releasing a new product called Monday, July 8th, so we decided to eat what it really is.

New domestic first-eel gravy product 'domestic cold-rolled chicken meat' newly released using domestic chicken will be on sale today from July 8 (Monday) nationwide supermarket | Marunai Food Co., Ltd. press release

It looks just like an eel package.

Compared with iPhone 5, the length of meat (!?) Is a little shorter than iPhone 5.

Everyone comes with a separate appendix.

The way of making is written on the reverse side, it is extremely easy just to take out the grilled chicken and warm up in the range, cut it and put it on the rice.

For raw materials, you can check chicken · pork fat · grilled chicken flavor extract. I wonder if it is finished in an eel-like taste.

Opened and taken out to a dish look like this.

Teri is on a good feeling, it looks like an eel.

The back side also has grilled eyes.

I cook. Wrap it up ... ...

Heated in a microwave oven at 500 W · 90 seconds.

When you heat it you will smell like Teriyaki chicken instead of eel ......

It is like this when comparing the eel selling at the supermarket and warming up "Grilled chicken meat". The atmosphere is close but the softness when it is brought with scent and chopsticks is different.

Even when seen from the side, the height is about the same.

I will prepare a meal of chicken meat.

Cut the chicken meat grilled. Surprisingly the kitchen knife stuck through, it was softer than chicken, but there was no softness like an eel.

It seems that inside cuts paste like chickens when cutting it.

Put on rice ......

Completed by putting on someone.

The color is close, the smell of some people is somewhat similar, but somewhat different mind ... I will eat it at once.

As chicken is still a raw material, it is far from food texture, but you can feel eeliness from the taste of anyone. Because the taste of the meat that I felt as grilled chicken had a taste of chickens perfectly, it seems better to think that she enjoys the atmosphere of eel.

Sweet taste is just an eel and good compatibility with rice is good.

In order to make it even more like a bowl, I will try pepper and eat it.

The scent and pungent taste match well with sweet taste and it becomes increasingly eelish. Though the garlic is not followed by the set, I recommend that you buy it because the realism increases.

The price which is worrisome is the regular price 380 yen, probably it should be a little cheap when actually being sold at the supermarket. Although it seems to be a little expensive, it is much more reasonable compared to the eel monkey eel, and it is recommended when you want to eat together with rice with unagi-like taste like snacks with eel-like sea breeze.

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