Following the cat's behavior for 24 hours when there is no owner would look like this

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Although sometimes I do not think of a cat that seems to be living freely as a ladybird, a walk or an ambition to an owner, it is sometimes seen with a gaze of envy, but in reality, how cats behave and live Is it there? So with the help of Alan Wilson of Royal Betarialy University, Sarah Ellis of Lincoln University and John Bradshaw of Bristol University,BBCHas tracked ten cats for 24 hours, and that route was displayed on the map as "Secret life of the cat"is.

BBC News - Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?

The survey target was 10 cats selected by more than 50 studies conducted by Surrey Hills. The researchers tracked the behavior for 24 hours with GPS attached to the cat and recorded how they attached the micro camera. In addition, this camera is guaranteed to be safe size and weight for cats by animal welfare experts.

You can see the tracking of each cat's actions by clicking on the colored part on the map, but clicking the arrow will proceed in numerical order.

You can also see the behavior of each cat by clicking the cat on the map.

First of all, behavior of male and female ginger, 5-10 years old. I will pursue from the place I came across rivals.

I moved away from rivals, going between residential areas and trees.

I did not go to the place where I met a rival, and it was spinning around the same place within time. The range of activity is about 200 meters away from the house, moving 0.3 hectares, which is an average cat.

Clicking on "Ginger confronts a rival" which is blowing out, the image of the camera attached to the ginger will be played.

Next is a male of 1 to 4 years old, chip. I was visiting a neighboring house 160 m away from my house, but when I got home almost straight away I never got out of the house.

Sorty is a male of 5 to 10 years old, who is active and personally conscious. I moved around the 3 hectare range 186 m from my house and met the fox on the way.

A cat who has reached the age of over 10 years of age that Orlando does not like cat food and is enjoying wild life. Although it is a very wild cat, the activity range is still 2 hectares, 150 meters in distance. When I see the map, I spin round and round the same place in the forest.

A male 1 - 4 year old Mr. Hermit is an active active man and a black cat. It seems that I get birds and small animals one or two times a week. Looking at the tracking situation, it is active more than the other cats and the map is red. I am moving in the range of 3.3 hectares.

Next is Phoebe 's female cat. Pink color tracking on the map is Phoebe's behavior, but the range of activity is 1 hectare, I do not think it seems to be moving so much, but according to experts, one out of two who have the same territory If it is active, the other will be introverted.

A less friendly character, Deeby is a male of over 10 years old. The time since living in a relatively village is short, it seems that it can not enter the territory of other cats. I will walk around my house and around it and finish the day.

It is Kato which makes Phoebe and Territory of female cat like the same. It is a male of 5 to 10 years old with a calm and friendly personality, but he is always fighting with Phoebe. The activity range is about 1 hectare, the distance traveled is around 95 m around the house.

Coco from 1 to 4 years old is active, friendly and gentle. Travel distance is up to 80 m, according to experts, it is the average movement range in cats, but seems to be one of the most active cats we have seen so far.

Rosie from 5 to 10 years old is female and female catching frequently with the cat at the next house. The range of activity is only 40 m away from the house, only 0.2 hectares if it is numbers. Despite spending most of the 24 hours out of the house, it is characterized by a very narrow range of activity.

As a result of observing the range of action of 10 cats, it seemed to be free-spirited, active and found that most cats have not gone far. In the case of male, many cats from home,As if to record many times on DVRIt will go around the range of 100 meters from the house many times and only half the distance will be moved to the female. Some cats are going to stay in the garden of the house or the house and are far from freely outrageous images, but this is because cats avoid encountering other cats. If you carelessly encounter you will confront you, so you adjust the time schedule when you work, cats have circumstances of cats, society and discipline, there seems to be living with care about the surroundings .

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