A dog acts to relieve the owner's pain by capturing the anxiety of the owner

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Dogs have been living with human beings for a long time, and many people keep dogs around the world. Dogs that have become human spiritual support have found to take action to help the owner feeling "I want to eliminate the pain of the owner."

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Your Dog Knows When You Up Upset, and Wants to Help

Research has been done on how long a dog responds to human sorrow and suffering for a long time, and it turns out that "a dog reacts and comes closer as a human beings cry ", etc. In a new study, we asked 34 dogs and sizes of dogs and their owners to cooperate and investigate how dogs respond to human suffering and sadness by investigating.

The owner sat in a place separated by the dog and the glass door, and the dog was put in a place where you can see the owner's situation and listen to the voice. Subsequently, the owner spoke every 15 seconds to "help" so that the dog could hear, researchers confirmed how the dog reacts.

Experiments were conducted on one pair of dogs and owners, one of the two cases "when the owner does not really feel pain" and "when the owner really feels pain" either. In "When you do not feel pain", the owner was instructed to sing Hikari star of nursery rhymes while talking to "help", and to make the tone of voice talking to "help" to be monotonous That's right.

On the other hand, in "When I felt pain", the owner was told to perform sobbing in 15 seconds while talking to "help" and the owner was instructed so that the voice of "helping" would really sound like painfully It was. And it seems that the dog checked the gesture and the dog 's heart rate to do when pushing the glass door closed with a magnet with his nose and head, rushed to the owner, and feeling the stress.

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As a result, it became clear that the proportion of whether the dog will open the door during the 5-minute experimental time does not change whether the owner is crying or humming. However, for a dog who opened the door, he said that he opened the door on average about 40 seconds earlier when crying than when the owner was humming.

In addition, I checked the actions taken when the dog felt stress, and found that the dog who did not open the door felt higher stress than the dog who opened the door when the owner was crying It was. This indicates that the dog who did not open the door did not feel anything, and he felt pain with respect to his crying appearance.

Researchers also measured the dog's heart rate, but some dogs that opened doors opened doors in just 20 seconds from the start of the experiment and ended the experiments, and some dogs were highly reliable I could not get data. In addition, researchers are thinking that the experimental content may also be influenced by the owner's acting skills and not necessarily a perfect experiment.

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Finally, researchers conducted experiments to give dogs "tasks that can not be resolved". A dog is placed in a room with an owner and an unknown participant and the dog is taught to take the food that was in the bottle. The owner and unknown participants were instructed to look at the corner of the room without eye contact with the dog, and it was said that they were not allowed to cooperate with the dog.

The experiment was done three times in all. The dog can take food in the bottle only twice in the first two times, but the dog can not take food because the lid of the bottle is closed the last time. So, many dogs took the action of gazing at the owner for asking the owner for help.

The dog who opened the door when the owner was crying had been waiting for a long time more than the dog who did not open the door gazing at the owner staring carefully. On the other hand, it seems that the dog who opened the door while the owner was humming never kept staring at the owner for a longer time than the dog who did not open the door. Researchers said, "This result shows that the dog who opened the door when the owner cries is showing the possibility of being connected with the owner with a strong relationship of trust", and the dog's empathic ability and owner It may be related to the trust relationship with.

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In this experiment, I do not know whether the dog opened the door thinking "I want to help the owner" and opened the door thinking "I want to relieve my stress". Still, the result was shown that the possibility that the dog will respond to the pain of the owner and try to help.

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