It turns out that cats have strong attachment to humans like dogs



According to past studies showing the result that `` a cat does not look at humans for instructions when placed in an unfamiliar situation '' , generally `` cats are creatures that are more interested in humans than dogs '' The image is not. However, in a new study that analyzed the behavior of cats that were similarly unfamiliar with psychological methods, it was found that `` the bond between cats and humans is close to the bond between human parents and children '' It has been.

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The research group of the University of Oregon's zoologist Christine Vitale has revealed the relationship between cats and humans through psychological analysis of cat behavior. The research group first conducted an experiment called the “ Mental Safety Base Test ” on 70 kittens 3 to 8 months old and their owners.


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“Mental Safety Base” is a theory advocated by Mary Einsworth , a psychologist in the United States. “Children can explore the outside world by the existence of a“ Mental Safety Base ”that is nurtured by a relationship of trust with their parents. 'When you come back, you can return home by believing that you will be happily greeted.'

The specific experiment was to put the kitten and owner in the room for the first time and watch the situation for a total of 6 minutes. The experiment is divided into three stages, where the kitten and the owner spend together for the first 2 minutes, then leave the owner alone and leave the kitten for 2 minutes, and finally the owner enters the room again and spends 2 minutes together. Monitor each stage with a camera. Based on the attachment theory of British psychologist John Bourby, we classified the situation at that time into attachment types such as `` secure '', `` ambivalent '' and `` avoidant ''. .

If you play the following movie, you can get a rough idea of the experiment.

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For example, if the owner leaves the stable cat ...

I spend my time looking at the door where the owner has come out.

However, when the owner returns and sits in a circle made of tape, he repeatedly contacts the owner ...

I started to adventure around the room around the place where the owner is sitting. This means that for kittens who are familiar with their owners, the owner is a “safety base for the heart” and is like a parent for human children.

Analysis of the experiment shows that 64.3% of kittens are stable and 35.7% are not stable. Mr. Vitale says, “The proportion of cats that are not stable and cats that are not stable is almost the same as the results of experiments with humans and dogs,” cats told owners like dogs and human babies. Pointed out that he feels strong attachment.

In the experiment, a follow-up survey was conducted on kittens two months later, and as a control experiment, the same test was conducted on 38 adult cats aged 1 year or older. Have been found to be attached to their owners. From this, Mr. Vitale showed his view that the bond between the cat and the owner is as strong as the relationship between dogs and human children, and that the relationship of trust will continue to be maintained even after the cat grows up. It was.

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