Behavior pattern of dogs that varies greatly depending on personality, which is your dog?

I think that there are many owners who have experienced being dragged and barked by their dogs before leaving home, but it may be due not only to the problem of relationship with dogs but also to the characteristics of the dogs themselves I do not.

Those who think positively are "positive", those who think things to the worse one are called "negative", but the difference of such thought patterns exists between dogs, so that action It turned out that it completely changed.

The contents of the experiment which judged the character of the dog are as follows.
Dogs can be divided into an optimist or pessimist | Mail Online

Scientists proved that dogs also have positive thoughts and owning negative thoughts through experiments with water filled gills. For example, when an owner intends to leave the door, a dog of positive thinking thinks the owner will come back soon. On the other hand, a negative thinking dog is placed in the owner and panic when it gets bumped.

For the owner who lives with the dog, it is always surprising that dogs feel that they have the same or even more distinct personality than humans, and they are always surprised. However, this discovery seems to be a clue to elucidate the mystery that a dog feels delighted when its owner disappears, and that a dog is uneasy about leaving the owner.

Professor Mike Mendl, a research group at Bristol University, says, "By studying how to observe the emotions of animals, we can apply the discoveries we got to human psychology.When people in positive thinking encounter situations where judgment of good or bad is difficult, It tends to capture the situation in a good direction, this is true for dogs as well. "

Experiments were conducted at two pet shelters, and a total of 24 dogs were studied. First of all, try to do it all by yourself, bark at that time, scratch the door and see if you are afraid to go and go. Then, when the bowl of the brewing was placed in a specific position in the room, it was trained to remember that the food was contained in it, and when it was placed in another place, the wind in the bowl was empty I also taught it.

After such training, observe the behavior when putting the bowl just in the middle between the position where the feed is placed and the place where it is not, and the dog who was delighted to think that the food is contained is a positive thought dog The dog who behaved like the one who thought that no food was contained was considered to have negative thought. In the "journal Current Biology" magazine, dogs who dislikes levitation are considered highly likely to be considered negative thinking in experiments.

Professor Mendl said, "About half of British dogs may be excreted, barking, breaking things in the house by being left to the owner," Mendl said. "Our research shows that dogs who behave like this are making decisions based on negative thoughts."

I think that there are not many dogs barking in case of leaving even with the owner in Japan, but if it is supposed to be like a thought pattern rather than a dog's instinct, perhaps like a human being, Will it be divided whether it becomes a positive thinking or a negative thought depending on the growth situation etc.? Future research is awaited.

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