How do dogs read human emotions

When keeping a dog, I think that you often feel that you are reading the feelings of the owner, such as when you are sad, close to the side or when you have fun you are happy together. It seems that the dog actually reads human emotions by a unique viewpoint.

Let's see where the dog looks at people and reads emotions.

Details are from the following.
Dogs can read emotion in human faces - Telegraph

According to researchers at the University of Lincoln "left gaze bias" seems to be seen only when looking at the human face, according to a team's research led by Dr. Kung Kuo, human beings, dogs, monkeys, inanimate objects etc. 17 He seemed to show the kind of pictures to the dog, but he said he did not respond to pictures other than humans. At this time, surprisingly it seems that the dog 's gaze was properly facing the left side of the face even if the face of the photograph was turned upside down. By the way, a human being seems to lose "left gaze bias" when looking upside down photos.

Researchers seem to think that "left gaze bias" is occurring because visual information entered from the left visual field flows into the right brain (better interpretation of feelings than left brain).

Often you often look at the mirror and say "the left and right faces are somewhat different", but also when humans look like a dog like a dog, will it make it easier to see emotions when looking at the right side?

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