"Fate / stay night" is animated again by ufotable which made Fate / Zero

TYPE-MOON popular game "Fate / stay night", An animation production companyUfotableIt was decided to be animated by. Fate / stay night isTV animation made in 2006Although it is done, it is unknown what kind of relationship the relation with this thing will be.

This is a movie to be released from July 13Sky boundary bird's-eye view Scenery 3DWhat was revealed at the eve of the evening.

Kufun Kudo producer of ufotable said that "video production was announced" only tweeted, but at the eve of the festival venue about 2 minutes warning movie flowed and it was getting exciting.

Fate / stay night is from January to June 2006Studio DeanAlthough animation has been made by animation, the original game has three routes, this animation was made in the form of weaving the contents of other routes, centering on Saber route.

We animated Rin Route in 2010Fate / stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKSHas been released, and only one of the three routes was left untouched as animation.

It is unknown whether this animation will animate the remaining cherry blossom route, or will it animate again with 3 routes, but it is unknown whether it is something different,Fate / Zero"Since ufotable animated and the quality was very high, the voice that we wanted stay night to animate again with the hand of ufotable is inside the fans, the form that the dream came true.

By the way, the promotional image of Fate / stay night [Realta Nua] produced by ufotable was like this.

PS Vita 【Fate / staynight [Realta Nua]】 Promotion VTR - YouTube

· 2013/12/27 additional recording
The official website of Fate / stay night opened on 27th December.

"Fate / stay night" official website of new animation released, PV lifting on YouTube

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