I have eaten "Sama bean-fried rice bowl" which can taste the grilled omelet of "autumn" together with rice

Speaking of autumn's typical foods, there are many people who say "Sanma". In Sukiya, from September 6, 2017, I made a pear with rich flavor of "Tamagoyaki"Pacific sauceThe offer begins with a limited time only. I steamed the delicious sauce thoroughly and brought the meatbread crushed three times. Even just listening, the flavor of that grilled fish has eaten a dish that seems to be rising in the mouth.

Pacific sauce with fried egg (inside the shop) | Sukiya

Notice of new menu sale | Sukiya

I came to Sukiya.

At the storefront there is a banner on the new menu 'Sanma kamiyaki rice bowl'.

In addition to pacific sauce bowl, 'Sanama beef' plus beef with sauce etc. are also offered.

This time ordered "SAMMAKAMAKI don bowl" (ordinary · 580 yen including tax) to orthodox. On top of the rice cracked with sauce and sauce, the big brother's grilled chicken sticks with donkey and another small bowl is accompanied by grated radish which grate in the shop.

A small green bag on the tray contained sapporo.

Marinated crab meat deliciously tasted. Sauce accumulated in the dent depicts appetite.

Daikonori has water well cut, it seems to be able to taste the Japanese radish flavor.

Pick up Daikon Oroshi on top of a man ... ...

If you like peppers with taste ......

It is the completion of the pacific sauce.

The body is finished in a condition that the body got clogged and has a reasonable chewiness, and the sauce of the spicy crab meat is well matched to the deliciousness of the pear. Although it seemed to be slightly different from "plump grilled fried eggs" written in the release of Sukiya, it was finished in a dish with a solid eating response like a torrent of overnight, and eel grilled with eel You can taste a different flavor differently.

When turned inside out, the skins had firmly grilled eyes.

When you eat and eat it with the radish, the flavor of Japanese radish sprinkled with the taste of grilled chicken is added. Because there was hardly any bitterness, it was a sweet radish with slightly sweetness, so it seems that even people who do not like spicy are problematic.

Since saws are used, you will come across encountering small bones. As mentioned in the shop front poster etc "Please pay attention to small bones", it seems better to care about a little bit when eating.

And speaking of grilled chicken, no matter what we say. If you drink together, you can enjoy the goodness of compatibility between grilled chicken and rice no more. It was a dish that made me feel like I was "eating delicious foods", because the taste of Sanma's sauce and sauce of sauce, the flavor of Daikon Oroshi and the pepper flavored with sweetness.

By the way, as red ginger caught my eyes at the side of the cash register at the time of ordering, I decided to eat it with grilled meat in a bamboo grill. Then, unexpectedly it does not fight with the taste of the grilled chicken and it turns out that the fact that it matches much more properly turned out. I was able to feel a strange taste change like a certain kind of "marriage" that the different sappori is added to the grilled okonomi and the strength of the flavor of the red ginger is good as well as the corner can be taken well.

"Sanma kamiyaki rice bowl" is a line-up of "Nimori" and "Rice Oimori", and two pears and "Special prime" of rice ballpark. Also, "Sanma beef" which cooked pacific sauce with rice bowl and "Nigiritama Sanma beef" which toppings who was spicy spicy sauce have appeared.

Pacific sauce bowl · Nimori: 580 yen including tax
Pacific sauce bowl · rice dai Sakari: 620 yen including tax
Pacific sauce bowl · Tomarihari (2 pears + rice dumpling): 830 yen including tax

Sanama beef / Nimori: 680 yen including tax
Sanma beef · rice large syari: 720 yen including tax
Sanar beef syrup (2 pears + rice dressing soup): 930 yen including tax

Negimachi Sanma beef / Nimori: 780 yen including tax
Negimachi Sanma beef · rice large syari: 820 yen including tax
Negimachi Sanma beef sirumori (2 saurama + rice dressing soup): 1030 yen including tax

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