Summary of GIGAZINE's 'process from ordering article advertisement to completion'

Many of the inquiries about GIGAZINE's media materials are `` How is the article advertisement actually made ?'' `` What kind of effect can you expect?'' 'something like. A brief summary is as follows.

◆ Process from article advertisement order to completion

You: “Can you write an article about this? I want you to write an article!”

Q: 'Review? Interview? Interview?'
A: 'Then review!'

``The editorial staff actually used it and reviewed it!'' The article is complete!

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'Hoho, I wonder if there is such a thing, it's interesting, I learned it for the first time, it's helpful~'

It's roughly like this.

◆ What you can get from article advertisements

1: First thing to know
No one can see the files that are only on your PC. This is the starting line for everyone to know.

2: To understand the true appearance
We all know that nothing in this world is perfect. That's why it's worth telling what the 'truth' is.

3: To be favorited
It becomes a 'favorite' after knowing the good and bad. Pockmarks and dimples are the same as lovers. There's always someone out there who likes you. Deliver there, communicate there.

◆ “Being true” is the most important thing

1: Not limited to the Internet, only the ``truth'' remains in the end
Historically speaking, only the 'truth' remains in the end. As the trend of the times is accelerated by the Internet, selection pressure will become stronger. It's no good just for now, it's important to create something of value that will last forever.

2: “Trust” is born by accumulating “truth”
We say 'shinkin bank', but we don't say 'credit bank'. Trust is something that is truly valuable, and it has value because it cannot be created overnight. If you spend the same amount of time, the best way to call is to lead to 'trust'.

3: 'Trust' backed by legitimate evaluation becomes 'brand'
Accumulated trust will eventually become a “brand”. By standing on the shoulders of giants, you will have a better image, gain more credibility, establish a reputation, and boost your efforts to date. Then the 'positive' cycle begins.

◆Everything has “potential”

Q: 'I don't think mine will go that well...'
A: 'There is always something hidden somewhere that you don't notice on your own. To make the most of your potential, you just have to take action and start.'

So, please take the first step from the following, 'Can this be an article advertisement?'

◆ Click here for the inquiry form. Please call me whenever you are in trouble.

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