15 evidence pictures that "cats are liquid"

WikipediaAccording to liquid nature, fluid is fluid and changes its shape according to the container, it differs from the gas and does not spread to the whole container, it maintains a nearly constant density, but according to its property "the cat is It is liquid,Bored PandaThere are a list of evidence photos of glasses, bottles, cats housed in a container.

15 Proofs That Cats Are Liquids | Bored Panda

◆ 01:Instead of wineI poured into the glasscat.

◆ 02:Glass bowlLiquid cat that the tail protruded from.

◆ 03:This is a cat'sbottled.

◆ 04:CardboardA cat in the inside. It is completely squared and deformed.

◆ 05:Glass containerI felt comfortably like it.

ByArmando Torrealba

◆ 06:I can not drink it.

◆ 07:I am gazing at this staring at the eyelash from the bottle.

◆ 08:Washstand is a cat instead of waterIt is satisfied.

◆ 09:There is a slight impossibility.

◆ 10:A kitten looking out of the socks.

◆ 11:Also in the narrow gapSupori.

◆ 12:Bottle of catsPart 2.

◆ 13:A kitten in a cup.

ByAbdullah Mohiuddin

◆ 14:This cat is sleeping in a container.


◆ 15:It seems that I can not get outBottled cat.


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