"Ice Baller" which can make spherical ice that is extremely transparent and difficult to melt

It is harder to dissolve than ordinary ice, and bubbles and impurities are not contained in it, not only can it keep cold for a long time, it is possible to make beautiful ice looks by Wintersmiths'Ice Baller"is. Ice Baller who gathered and invested over 17 million yen in Kickstarter on the Cloud Funding platform is actually trying to find out what kind of product it is.

Wintersmiths - Makers of the Ice Baller for Crystal Clear Ice Spheres

Ice Baller arrived.

Inside the box there were two Ice Baller bodies and two Ice Baller Holders for placing ice.

In addition, Ice Baller opened its box, and inside it was Ice Baller and a description.

Ice Baller consists of several parts as follows.

The half of the ice mold was made of plastic and the half was made of silicon.

So I made ice immediately. Firstly, we combine silicon type and plastic type to make it one.

Combined and like this.

Place it in a cup-shaped external mold ......

In a stainless steel cup.

It looks like a tumbler.

There is a hole in the top of the mold, so we will pour water from above. Since holes are also opened in the lower part of the mold, water gradually flows from the cup of stainless steel into the mold, and the air is pushed out from the hole in the upper part.

Shake the cup lightly to draw out a circle in order to extract excess air.

Finally pour water to about 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) above the hole OK.

This time I got two Ice Ballers, so I will put a flower in the second Ice Baller.

Also pour water like the first one ......

Put two cups in the freezer. In addition, ice is minus 17.7 degrees and it will be completed cleanly by leaving it for about 24 hours.

So Ice Baller in 24 hours is this.

The cap is projected from the cup, and the state where a little gap is formed is the mark which is completed.

First, take out the mold from the cup.

In the cup, half was ice and half was in the state of water.

Warm lukewarm water to the removed mold ......

Wipe off the water wrapped around with a towel, twist the mold and disassemble.

Pour hot water again to the inside mold that I took out ......

Slowly remove the silicon mold.

Ice with transparent, undamaged, umbrella appeared.

There is a little line between the mold and the mold, but there is little air in the ice, it is white and not muddy.

Taking it in your hand is like this.

I will put it in the cup.

Actually putting drinks did not mean that the ice melted away when you finished drinking even after drinking slowly. According to the experiment of Wintersmiths, it seems that normal ice melted down in about 1 hour and 12 minutes, but the ice made with Ice Baller could keep shape for 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Next time, I will put out another flower ice.

Turn warm water as before ... ...

Although it is decomposing the mold, for some reason this time it was so hard that I could not decompose it easily. I tried hot water a couple of times, tried some of the editorial staff, and tried collaborating ......

Finally disassembled.

When I removed the silicon mold, the flowers were captured in the ice superbly.

Taking it in your hand is like this.

It is pretty fantastic when put in a drink.

It looks like the glass is seen from the side.

As time passed, the trapped flowers came out.

Using Ice Baller Holder it is also possible to stock the completed ice with this feeling.

Ice Baller is $ 85 (about 8700 yen), and Ice Baller Holder is $ 20 (about 2000 yen).

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