Adventure movie "The Ningyo" that finds unidentified creatures with high quality VFX

America in 1909, a movie with an atmosphere like Indiana Jones that some researchers go on adventure looking for unidentified creatures "Mermaid" Harry Potter andmistAnd other visual effects artist Miguel Ortega and a movie by Tran Ma, also a visual effects artist who worked on Transformers 3 etc "The Ningyo"is. We plan to become an adventure movie making full use of high quality VFX, and investment for production is being recruited at Kickstarter of the cloud funding platform now.

The Ningyo by Miguel Ortega - Kickstarter

This is not the first time for movie production by Ortega and Ma, but a short film on the theme of Halloween with fantasy-like creatures appearingThe Green Ruby Pumpkin"Is published in 2012.

The contents of The Green Ruby Pumpkin can be confirmed from the following.

The Green Ruby Pumpkin on Vimeo

A fantastic Halloween city.

To a certain manor ... ...

A girl wearing a red hood comes over.

Konkon, and knock on the door.

A girl whose eyes are open.

It was a woman who witnessed the appearance of a witch.

I will receive sweets held by a witch.

Next time I visited was a magical creature like a tree branch.

It seems that a girl who brought a creature and a robot came to get sweets from a witch.

A crow passes through before a creature reaching for sweets.

A fantasy lady's figure on the mansion.

A gorgeous atmosphere of the party.

Sweets that are in the green pumpkin will be dealt out to the visiting children.

In the evening, the children leave the residence behind.

What appeared there ... ...

Three boys who are not disguised.

A witch does not give sweets to children who are not disguised.

Then the appearance of boys changed to a panther.

To three trolls.

Three trolls who did not get sweets after this appeared in retaliation against witches ...... The content of The Green Ruby Pumpkin. It is a powerful and beautiful picture, and it has a remarkable impression while it is about 3 minutes long.

In addition, making can be confirmed from the following movies.

The Making of The Green Ruby Pumpkin on Vimeo

And the new movie Ortega and Ma handles is "The Ningyo". Biologist Dr. Marlow is an adventure movie for searching for mermaids that are unidentified creatures, and outlines can be seen from the following movies.

The era is 1909.

Dr. Marlow do lecture on mermaid at a fictitious university.

Dr. Marlow goes on a trip with a hunter named Prestar Celas. This is Celas' house. It is like a museum atmosphere.

Two people to do business.

This is another design of Celas' room.

Mermaid design looks something like this.

Adventure seems to be spreading in the deep sea.

A figure of a hunter aiming at a mermaid.

At the moment part of Cerrus' room is actually made.

Looking up from below it looks like this.

Bones and figures of claudine animals are already set up.

These sets are said to have been made in the living room and the bedroom of two directors.

A state of setting.

The shape gradually became visible.

Behind the scenes.

A collection of personal items is lining next to me just like this.

By adding VFX technology to the actually taken picture, we produce a powerful image.

Handmade small items one by one. Instant coffee was projected.

I am putting liquid on books.

This is work that puts out coffee on books and gives out old texture.

It is like this when actually placed in the room.

There are things that creatures that were considered to be fictitious in the world are actually found, and it was discovered after entering the 20th centuryOkapiIt is a kind of that. The Ningyo set in 1909 is set as one of the historical events that occurred at the turn of the century, and elements of fantasy and reality are intermingled. Science is still in the process of development and it is a time when the possibility of monsters and imaginary creatures was well thought out.

Here is the design of the creatures that are going to appear in the movie.

This is also designed using software.

When designing the imaginary animal bone as follows ...

It will be finished like this.

The Ningyo not only sticks to the shaping of VFX and living beings, it is "character first"Indiana Jones SeriesAlthough there is a fantasy element, there is weight of death though it is a fantasy element, and he wants to make the action of the character realistic. The characters in the movie are Dr. Marlow, Mr. Seras, Dr. Baldwin from the left.

The work is scheduled for 15 to 22 minutes at the present time, and there is a possibility of making it lengthy and series. Currently we are seeking investment for movie production, and the target amount is 50,000 dollars (about 5 million yen). The deadline is 3:35 am on July 25. The right to download the movie with a capital of 10 dollars (about 1000 yen) and the sticker, the right to download the movie with a contribution of 20 dollars (about 2000 yen) and Ortega's With a signed poster, you can get the right to download The Ningyo and The Green Ruby Pumpkin's Blu-ray Disc and movies with a contribution of $ 30 (about 3000 yen), and if you further increase the investment amount, It is also possible to add original goods, such as biological kits.

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