How much information is on the internet in just 60 seconds?


The Internet is now becoming an indispensable thing in life, and in the whole worldThere are about 2.4 billion Internet usersThat's right. A lot of people use the Internet everyday, but a movie summarizing and examining what is happening on the Internet in one minute has been released on YouTube, and the number of images posted to Facebook per minute and transmission You can see quite interesting data such as the number of SPAM mails made.

What Happens On The Internet In 60 Seconds - YouTube

"60 seconds of the Internet"

Google is searched for 2 million times in one minute.

In one minuteInstagramThe number of photos to be posted is 27,800.

27,800 photos posted to Instagram are 510,000 times in 1 minute! Earn.

Twenty-seven thousand eight thousand times tweets occurred on Twitter in one minute.

Like on Facebook! The number of times it is done is 1.875 million times in one minute.

There are 208,300 photos uploaded to Facebook in 1 minute.

More than 200,000 people watch streaming porn in stream for 1 minute.

In Wikipedia, six articles appeared in one minute.

The number of e-mails sent during one minute is how much 204 million.

More than half of the 234 million e-mails are 132.6 million spam e-mails.

Amazon sells products for $ 83,000 (about 8.24 million yen) in 1 minute.

Furthermore, 100 hours of movie will be uploaded to Youtube in the same minute.

In addition, the total number of playbacks per minute on Youtube is 2.78 million times.

That is, even now, the data continues to be exchanged violently between somewhere and somewhere on the Internet, and the world continues to be connected.

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