Total call time for all Skype users exceeded 3800 years per day


When Skype totals the user's talk time3805 years worth per dayIt was revealed that it exceeded. This is enough time to travel Mars trips 5400 times.

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Total call time for Skype users on one day2 billion minuteswas

In time33 million hours

When you fix it on the day1,388,000 days

Even if you fix it to the year3805, That isAbout 38th centuryIt's a huge time.

With 2 billion minutes you can walk 845 laps around the globe and you can make 700 laps if you use an airplane. It is possible to travel to Mars 5400 times, and if it is round trip to the moon, it can be 225,000 times.

If you consider it with another one, you can run the marathon 6,600,000 times in about the time you can see 16 million movies.

Even for a call of about several minutes to several hours per person, if the number of users is large, it will be a surprising number.

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