The supercontinent "Pangea Ultima" which appears 250 million years later

About 250 million years ago from now, the current continent is "Pangea ContinentIt seems it was a supercontinent called "the super continent", but after about 250 million years from now, what on earth is the continent on Earth?

So, the future world map of the earth is from the following.
APOD: 2000 October 2 - Pangea Ultima: Earth in 250 Million Years

This continent is "Pangea Ultima ContinentIn the history from the birth of the earth until now, it seems that such a supercontinent has been formed four or five times.

In addition, it is not necessarily decided to become such a huge continent, and in some cases after about 200 million years "Amazia ContinentIt seems that there is a possibility that it will become another form of continent called "

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