Movie summarizing the history of the earth that shows where humanity came from

From planet Earth that was born in the solar system, said to have occurred 4.6 billion years ago, how life was born and how the primitive earth life evolved and became human beings Animation movie to explain that, "How Did You Get Here?(How did you get here so far?) Is the content that can confirm its own roots in an easy-to-understand manner.

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"Life" refers to a genetic unit organized by three elements: "metabolism" "reproduction" "evolution".

It is said that the solar system including the earth, which is a paradise of life, was born 4.6 billion years ago.

One exploded star forms 500 asteroids with the sun ... ...

Asteroids collided with each other, causing earth planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

The Earth at that time was a planet that was too hot for life to be born for about 600 million years. Moisture evaporated without staying on the surface ... ...

Even though a simple chemical reaction that began the beginning of life began, the energy brought by a myriad of comets and meteors falling on the earth was destroying everything.

As the fall of the comet and the meteorite eventually fell, the temperature of the Earth began to fall, allowing water to exist on the surface of the earth. This is about 3.7 billion years ago, it is thought that life was born for the first time on Earth at this time. However, there are various theories about how the birth of life started, arguments such as the theory that uses the meteorite as the origin of life and the theory that life is born from the reaction reaction by heat are discussed.

Although it is difficult to accurately indicate the moment when the first life on Earth was born, it is difficult to accurately indicate the fossils of living organisms inhabited near the hydrothermal vents in the sea up to 3.77 billion years ago,Fossil of living organisms 4.2 billion years agoHas been discovered.

These earliest oldest simple creatures developed by capturing energy in the body and duplicating themselves.

For about two billion years ago, life forms on Earth were all occupied by unicellular organisms. These single-celled organisms needed to inhabit the ocean in order to protect themselves from the intense ultraviolet rays that fall down from the sun, but they will achieve a remarkable evolution of "photosynthesis".

Mutations occurred in the earth creatures of about 2.5 billion years, and earth creatures became able to obtain the energy necessary for metabolism from sunlight. Oxygen (O 2) is produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis ... ...

The ozone layer playing the role of ultimately protecting the earth from deadly sunlight was formed.

Oxygen was a harmful substance for the living things of the time, but oxygen metabolic reactions are efficient and cells can be made larger, so the Earth's creatures will evolve to be resistant to oxygen.

About 1 billion years ago, Earth creatures have taken up smaller cells that are smaller than ourselves and have absorbed them, increasing the adaptability to various environments.

When it comes to incorporating other organisms, selective benefits work in the body even after division, and eventually earth creatures began exchanging genetic material. These creatures can also be paraphrased as having performed sexual intercourse. Single cell organismsMitosisI was doing a simple nuclear fission, but eventuallyMeiosisThe development of genes began and reorganization of genes began.

By doing this, it became possible to change genes in a direction where organisms are more likely to leave descendants, and the evolution speeded up.

Branching of the trees of life began, plants were born first, followed by complex organisms such as fungi, coral, foresaw animals, echinoderms, ... ...

The first fish of the earth is born.

From the fish, quadruped animals evolved to act temporarily on land by absorbing oxygen in the intestine appeared.

As evolution progresses, the limb animal becomes to have a lung separately from the intestine and can walk around the land. Amphibious amphibians became reptiles, reptiles evolved into huge dinosaurs.

A mammal that becomes an ancestor of human beings was born about 6600 years ago, and the dinosaur which becomes a natural enemy is thought to be extinct by the collision of the asteroid.

From that mammal branching over tens of millions of years, apes and monkey's ancestors were born. About 4 million years ago, I will walk biped like human beingsAustralopithecus · AphrenismThere is a fossil discovering that it existed. This has undergone over 100,000 generations over hundreds of years, the history of "homo (genus)" with the ability to use tools with bigger brains started with hands began.

From this time on, dietary habits centered on vegetarians have changed to omnivorous including carnivos which are not easily affected by seasonal changes.

Approximately 1.8 million years will become the ancestor of the direct line of mankindHomo-electusHas emerged.

And to the earth several hundred years ago, the current human race belongsHomo sapiensIt is considered to have been born. At that time, the Earth suffered from rapid weather fluctuations, Homo sapiens became an endangered species of only a few hundreds, but human race seems to have succeeded in survival.

On the earth of about 60,000 years, in addition to Homo sapiensNeanderthal people,DenisovaIt is thought that three kinds of human genus existed. In the past it was thought that hybridization was carried out between Homo sapiens and other old human beings and it was thought that no mixed race was born, but by recent research this was also cross-breeding with Neanderthals and Denisova It is finding out that. Genetic information from Neanderthal peopleAccording to recent calculations it is believed to be at least 20%And that.

However, nearly 30,000 years ago, Neanderthal was extinct, and Homo sapiens, which inhabited in modern Europe, became the only person on Earth.

Homo sapiens could survive because he chose the evolution of the brain unlike other primates. The proportion of the human brain is 2% of the body weight, but the brain needs 20% of the calorie ingested.

Eventually the prosperous human race was distributed throughout the world, but the wisdom provided by evolution enabled human beings to survive in various environments. Human beings who were originally less than 100 nomads have developed into a population of billions up to the present age.

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