Why is not the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms pleasing to humanity?

The question "Is there life even on planets other than the earth?" Has been debated for a long time, and it is expected especially that Mars in the same solar system has life forms, and it is still being explored And observations are being made. However, it is claimed in the following movie that the discovery is not necessarily good news for humanity just because you actually found an extraterrestrial life form.

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter - YouTube

It can be said that living organisms evolve and develop gradually from the beginning of life themselves. The first step is that molecules that did not have life begin to self-replicate.

Proceeding to the next stage, the molecules combine and a unit called cell is born. When evolving into primitive single-celled organisms, we will use energy more efficiently.

Furthermore, multicellular organisms composed of multiple cells are born and will realize surprising diversity.

And skeletons and brains developed, using tools and culture, to share information ... ....

You will build civilizations, become scientists and become primates of all things, and you will also acquire means to fly from the planet through the development of space technology.

Because the size of the living planet is finite, one species also needs to extend to the universe to continue prosperity.

Both will emigrate to other planets in the same star system ... ...

In the end, there is also the possibility of building a galactic scale civilization.

There are 500 billion planets in the galaxies where we live, and there are over 10 billion planets of the same type as the Earth. Even though there are many stars older than the Earth, we have never contacted galaxy-scale civilizations, yet we can still confirm extraterrestrial life that is proceeding ahead of humanity not.

It is pointed out in the movie that there are two possibilities here. One was that only human beings could clear the "wall" that many living organisms could not overcome in evolution. Other living organisms were destroyed before they advanced, but the idea that we were able to survive in good fortune.

The other is the possibility that there are "walls" that can not be overcome at any stage other than ours, and the evolved life forms have already been destroyed than us. In this case, humanity will eventually be destined to hit this "wall".

In the case of the former case, the question remains as to what time we have survived from when the life occurred to when we overcame the "wall".

When looking back on the history of the earth, the occurrence itself of life itself may be "wall". While there is no direct data on how much probability life will occur on one planet, there are scientists that life will occur everywhere, even if conditions are met, while only the earth is in the universe, the occurrence of life Some scientists insist that they are planets.

As another possible "wall"MitochondriaThere is coexistence of. Apart from cells, mitochondria with its own DNA is an intracellular organelle that produces energy in the cell, but its origin is thought that the cell coexists with aerobic bacteria.

It is thought that aerobic bacteria taken in cells generate energy, the cells are further developed based on the energy, acquire more complicated functions, and bred the life diversification. This symbiosis is responsible for plant photosynthesischloroplastIt is thought that this also applies to the symbiosis of mitochondria and chloroplasts in the history of life on the earth is a big breakthrough.

Even at the stage where the brain develops and acquires high intelligence, there is a possibility that it has crossed the "wall".

The developed brain is heavy and consumes a lot of energy, so it can not be absolutely advantageous for life. It may be thanks to good fortune that humankind developed in the history of 200,000 years to make use of intelligence.

So what happens if we have not overcome the "wall" yet that we may conflict from now.

It is not necessarily true that disasters, wars, etc. become "walls".

Even if the majority of mankind is killed by a catastrophe or if the civilization is going to be greatly recessed, if it can be recovered over hundreds of years and thousands of years, it can not become a "wall". Compared with the history of the universe of 15 billion years it is a very small problem.

If the "wall" that can not be overcome before us is standing up, it is asserted in the movie that it should be of such a size that most of the much advanced civilization will be destroyed over humanity. I will.

I do not know what "wall" will be like to loosen the existence of life forms themselves. It might be an all-out nuclear war and it may be a runaway of biological and nanotechnology created by genetic engineering.

It is hoped that "walls" which can not be overcome by how civilization goes is not on the extension line of our development and prosperity.

If there were complex and diverse life forms outside the Earth, it means that the occurrence of life, acquisition of intracellular symbiosis / intelligence was not a "wall" that can not be overcome, "wall" Rather, the possibility of waiting from now will be higher, so it can be said that the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms is never delightful.

It is concluded in the movie that there are no extraterrestrials on Mars or Europa, and it is required for further development of humanity that there are many stars that can transfer life forms in the galaxy.

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