Long ago, there seems to be several "lost moon" other than the current month on Earth

According to the latest research results, the Earth currently has only one moon, but it seems that there may have been many moons on the earth long ago. In other words, it was quite different from the night sky you can see now.

What is the reason why there were several moons for why?
Did Earth once have multiple moons? - space - 06 May 2008 - New Scientist Space

According to Jack Lissauer, who belongs to the NASA Ames Research Center in the state of California, USA, the cause of the moon on the planet originated from the catastrophe that occurred in the ancient times. Apparently, about 4.5 billion years ago the planet as much as Mars collided with the Earth, and it seems that the moon was made possible by this plan. And at that time not only the current month, but also some months have occurred, so-calledLagrange pointHe seems to have floated on. These months are "Trojan moon"There are several existence confirmed in another celestial body still now.

Also, according to Matija Cuk, an astrophysicist at the University of British Columbia in Canada, we speculate that these 'lost months' surrounded the Earth for over a billion years since the current moon was made It seems that it was thought that it looked like Jupiter or Venus when viewed from the Earth and it was observable as a very bright star.

It is thought that these lost moons eventually were pulled by the gravity of the moon and the earth, drifted somewhere in the universe, or crashed to the moon or the earth.

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