Research results show that only 7% of genes are unique to modern humans

Human beings born through various evolutions are born in the process of evolution, in addition to the modern

human beings Homo sapiens sapiens , as well as archaic humans such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. Studies have shown that many of the genes in Homo sapiens sapiens are common to Archaic humans, with only 1.5-7% of the unique genes.

Anancestral recombination graph of human, Neanderthal, and Denisovan genomes | Science Advances

Just 7% of our DNA is unique to modern humans, study shows

Only a tiny fraction of our DNA is uniquely human | Science News

Nathan Schaefer of the University of California, who led the study, analyzed the human genomes of one Denisowa, two Neanderthals, and 279 Homo sapiens sapiens, and how much archaic DNA is passed on to modern humans. I investigated whether it was done.

As a result of the survey, among Homo sapiens sapiens, Africans shared 0.096 to 0.46% of the genes with Neanderthals, and non-Africans shared about 0.73% to 1.3% with Neanderthals. ..

Furthermore, according to Schaefer, Homo sapiens sapiens inherits genes from archaic humans such as Neanderthals and Denisovans, and as a result of calculation, only 1.5 to 7% of genes are unique to Homo sapiens sapiens. It was said that it was.

'Homo sapiens sapiens crossed Neanderthals and Denisovans, resulting in genetic mixing,' Schaefer said. 'Survey shows that Homo sapiens sapiens is unique in evolution 600,000 and 200,000 years ago. It is highly possible that the gene was formed. '

In the past, simulation experiments have been conducted to see what kind of mating was done by ancient humans.

Simulation reveals what kind of mating ancient humans were doing --GIGAZINE

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