Ancient Earth that becomes obvious from the world's oldest and the 4.4 billion years old zircon crystal body

Earth that is believed to be born approximately 4.6 billion years agoHowever, there are still a lot of things that has not been revealed in its primitive form. Minerals found in Australia in 2001ZirconYou can see the ancient state of the gigantic Earth from small pieces of small crystals.

Oldest bit of crust firms up idea of ​​a cool early Earth (Feb. 23, 2014)

At 4.4 billion years old, these tiny blue crystals are the oldest on Earth | The Verge

The crystal of this zircon, the University of WisconsinJohn ValleyIt was discovered in the area called Jack Hills in Western Australia in 2001 by the research team led by the professor. Its size is very small for the hair of the person. It was almost certain that it was already formed at 4. 4 billion years ago at the stage of the survey conducted after the discovery, but as a result of detailed analysis, it was found that around 160 million years from the birth of the earth, now It was confirmed that it was cold and crystallized in the ground 4.44 billion years ago.

Dating measurements are atom probe tomography (APT), which measures the position of atoms contained in a substance,Secondary ion mass spectrometryIt was done by combining the technique called crystal and the crystal age and the temperature change over many years was successfully determined accurately, the crystal of zircon was formed about 4.4 billion years ago, its error is only 600 It has been confirmed to be a million years.

The primitive Earth, which is said to have been born about 4.6 billion years ago, is a burning celestial body in which magma has melted, and it is said that the temperature has gradually decreased and the life has changed into a habitable environment about 3.6 billion years ago Although it was thought, this discovery has overturned the conventional theory. Speaking of 4.4 billion years ago, it is said that a celestial body as large as Mars collided with the primitive earth immediately after birthGiant ImpactIt is said that it will be right after, but after 100 million years it shows that the temperature of the surface has declined, which means that the earth has cooled 800 million years earlier than the conventional theory.

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Dr. Valley advocates the "Cool Early Earth" theory that the primitive Earth was cold from the very beginning, and this announcement supports the theory. In response to the survey results, Dr. Valley said "The content found is to support the conclusion that we are advocating" There was liquid water on the earth since 4.3 billion years ago " "I tell you.

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