I can find direct evidence that there is ice on the moon

by Jonatan Pie

"There is ice in the moon" was whispered from before the Apollo program was implemented in the 1960s, but in 1994 it turned out that it was actually "likely to be" Since it was. Even after that, various investigations and research have been repeated, and it is known that there is a high possibility that water is present, but researchers at the University of Hawaii have confirmed that ice is exposed on the polar surface of the Moon It was.

Direct evidence of surface exposed water ice in the lunar polar regions | PNAS

Scientists found the moon has ice in the shadows of its poles - Quartz

Research and research on moon ice is being conducted by research teams around the world. As an example, a research team centered on Tohoku University discovered a mineral "Moganite" essential for water production from the moon meteorite in May 2018. We report on research results that a large amount of ice is buried in the basement of the moon and evaporated on the sunlight-hitting surface.

The possibility that a large amount of ice is buried under the moon | Press Release | Tohoku University - TOKOU UNIVERSITY -

This time, the research team at the University of Hawai'i conducted a spectral analysis of the shadowed part of the crater in the polar region of the month, out of the data obtained by the monthly miner mapper sent by NASA in 2008. I found it to contain ice so as to mix with rocks.

According to research team geologist Shuai Li, the ice is likely to have been generated when a comet collides with the moon. However, because I can not identify the exact origin, I'd like to collect samples of ice with lunar surface explorer.

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