How much would you convert 12 terabytes of capacity with other things

Simply saying that the capacity of 12 terabytes is 12,000 gigabytes is the end, but it feels somewhat hard to imagine. So when you replace it with another thing, it is represented by the graph how much it will be.

Details are from the following.Neatorama Blog Archive What Do 12 Terabytes - Worth of Data Look Like?

The storage capacity of 12 terabytes is as follows

Notes on one side: Approximately 5.28 billion sheets
Phonebook: About 1,6 663 volumes
Audio CD: About 19358 sheets
DVD: About 2614 sheets
200 GB hard disk: About 61
Human brain: about 9.6 minutes
All data of free software "WorldWide Telescope": about the same

Raymond KurzweilAccording to Mr. Raymond Carswill, the storage capacity used by humans is about 1.25 Terabytes, which means that it will be 12 Terabytes in terms of about 9.6 worth of storage capacity. In addition, the astronomical free software provided by MicrosoftWorldWide Telescope"There seems to be about 12 terabytes of total data amount recorded in" I am amazed by the storage capacity of the human brain, but I am amazed at the size of all the data of "WorldWide Telescope".

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