An easy-to-understand diagram showing the size of 'yottabyte', which far exceeds terabyte

The storage capacity of SSDs and HDDs is increasing year by year, and even a few terabytes of storage can be easily obtained. Although it is large enough to store many 4K movies even with a few terabytes, Backblaze, which develops cloud storage services, explains the size of an unfamiliar unit called ' yottabyte '.

What Is a Yottabyte and How Big Is It?

1 byte 1000 times is 1 kilobyte (kB), 1 kB 1000 times is 1 megabyte (MB), 1 MB 1000 times is 1 gigabyte (GB), 1 GB 1000 times is 1 terabyte (TB), 1 TB 1000 times 1 petabyte (PB), 1PB 1000 times is 1 exabyte (EB), 1EB 1000 times is 1 zetabyte (1ZB), and 1ZB 1000 times is 1 yotabite (YB). In other words, 1YB is 1000000000000000000000000 bytes (24 0s).

According to a report released in 2018 by market research company IDC, the total amount of data generated globally is 33 ZB. However, 33ZB is only about 3% of 1YB. Also, when considering the size of yottabyte in terms of distance, '1 yottabyte (1000000000000000000000000 miles) ahead' exceeds the observable universe.

If you collect 1 yotta of sand with a diameter of 1 mm, it will be the same as the diameter of a galaxy.

The Library of Congress holds 10 TB of data. In other words, 1YB is equivalent to 100 billion data from the Library of Congress.

To line up 100 billion Library of Congress, you need an area of 38 Earths.

The total amount of data managed by Backblaze reached 10PB in 2010, 150PB in 2015, 1EB in 2020, and 2EB in 2022. However, it has not yet reached yottabyte.

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