A super beautiful movie "The Known Universe" that you can see the appearance of the universe we know

As of now, as far as we know from the earth how much we understand the universe, a movie that summarizes that figure far awayAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryIt is made by. Human beings have been able to understand how much we could know about this broad universe by observing celestial bodies so far.

Digital Universe Atlas | Hayden Planetarium

The Known Universe by AMNH - YouTube

The movie starts from Himalaya, the highest place on Earth.

The camera slowly pulled up, and the whole Tibet was visible.

And to the whole earth.

This kind of artificial satellite is flying around the earth.

I will draw the camera further.

It is about 1 second at the speed of light from the earth to the moon orbit. The speed of light is about 300,000 km / s, and it is the distance from the earth to the moon "It will not take 2 seconds".

The orbit of the planet in the solar system has come to light.

I came to the outside more than Saturn, but this is one hour by light speed. It is more than 1 billion km away ..., it is no longer a specific image category.

I have come to where I can see the whole solar system. The distance from the earth is the light speed one day.

Zodiac Twelve ConstellationI came to see it.

One light-years away from the earth, the brightness of the sun and other stars has become comparable. One light year is the distance traveled by light in one year, when it is converted to kilometers it is about 9.46 million km, about 9.46PetameterIt will be. Since the speed of light can be expressed as 300 Mm (mega-meter), if we consider 300 MB files to be 9.46 PB (petabytes) minutes by replacing it with the familiar HDD capacity, we can feel just a bit of an unreachable level.

The movie is even farther, and it has come to the extent that mankind skipped radio communication for the first time. This is 70 light years away from the earth.

Milky Way GalaxyWhen you see the whole of it, the distance from the earth is 100,000 light-years.

The nearest galaxy of the Milky Way Galaxy is Andromeda Galaxy. That distance is 250 light years.

The range of humans that can be shown as of 2009 is 100 million light-years.

Unknown universe spreads still outside that 5 billion light years. It is believed to exist around herequasarIs the most distant object we can see.

The distance to "the end of the universe" is 13.7 billion light years. This means that the oldest light that human beings can observe is the light emitted by 13.7 billion years ago.

Horizon of the universe, "Horizon". The "oldest light that human beings can observe" that appeared earlier was about 4,200 light years away from Earth at the time of being issued, but after that the universe expanded, the light source is about 60 times the speed of light It is estimated that it is about 47 billion light years away now, moving away from the speed.

The movie returns from there to the earth in a stretch. Naturally it is moving faster than the speed of light.

Regarding "the oldest light that human beings can observe"Universe mapI explained it in an easy-to-understand manner. In the following link destination, animation shows how this oldest light reached the earth.

| Space map | How to view the universe chart

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