"Street fighter online" event in Nico Nico Douga The back side of the live broadcast is like this

Live broadcast of street fighter online from 7 pm on Nico Nico DougaSo, I've seen what the back side of live broadcast is feeling. Just thought that it would only relay the appearance of the event, but the expansion of the inclusion was waiting.

Details are as below.
RelayNico Nico Live BroadcastingIt was held at the Niko Damen, a 10,000-person accommodation facility, and was live broadcast from the opening remarks until the trial period.

Relay camera set behind the venue.

It is a position to see the whole.

The event started at 19 o'clock. Mr. Hiroyuki Hatata, director of the Dalet Strategy Bureau, and content producer Yohei Uchida gave a speech.

And Uchida and MC'sHarunana AnnoDemonstration by Mr. san was scheduled to play against ....

Rushes of users to competing rooms for demo. Mr. Uchida who is applying for battle from regular users more and more.

I decided to play against each other.

General user (Taylan) v Uchida (Ryu). Mr. Uchida won over using the nature of the producer skillfully in the air.

Mr. Toyonaga, director of the PR department who explained this situation while watching Nico Nico video comments. It seems that there were many comments that could not be read aloud.

And finally to the match against Haruna Anno. Haruna Anno who chooses Xanghiev why he is wearing a costume of Tunley.

In battle.

Uchida was defeated by Mr. Haruna Anno.

After this, it is time for the user to freely make a trial. A beginner seat was set up for those who were not used to properly playing games properly.

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