What kind of genre is the content of the link tweeted on Twitter

ByJurgen Appelo

Tweets that have links to various websites and movies are flying across the timeline, but Diffbot has analyzed 750,000 tweets in doubt as to what many of the linked sites are. He gave me the answer.

Twitter: A Day in the Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

Analysis was conducted from July 10th to 11th 2012 by checking the link destinations of 750,000 tweets.

First of allWhat are we sharing on Twitter?That thing. The most common were images (36%), followed by articles (16%), videos (9%), and page errors were also 7%.

Then "What kind of site are you using?". First place on video is of course 60% on YouTube and overwhelming share, the second place is twitcam which can stream with Twitter account, and 3rd place is Nico Nico video. Users other than Japan will not often tweet Nico Nico video URLs, so I feel how much Japanese users are. About 40% of images are tweets on Twitter as they are. Instagram was 15% and tumblr was 11%, and it seems quite apparent that twitpic was 7%.

It was the 1st place in the article (text)Detik.com. On the site of Indonesia, it accounted for 12,000 cases (1.2%) out of one million links. The second place is BBC (UK), and the third place is globo.com (Portugal), it seems that the Japanese site did not come in the top as expected.

The end is "Which languages ​​are shared?". What kind of genre is popular in each language, but there are overwhelmingly many English links with speakers too, the contents of which are many images and articles. Japan is in 2nd place, but in Japan there are few links to images, it seems that there were many links to articles and products (products) rather than in Japan.

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