Strong movie summarizing Japan seen from overseas in 2 minutes

Evaluate the image for the countryVaries from country to countryBut, how is Japan viewed from abroad? A movie that summarizes the video "The World in 2 Minutes"is.

The World in 2 Minutes: Japan - YouTube


Shay! Pose

Destroyed city


Shaking train

Commuter rush


Drowsy in the train

Adult kneading body






Japanese monkeys and hot springs


Something amazing

We will stack it further

Cats are ...


Cat + Ninja =Catch party instinct, Overseas "Samurai Pizza Cats(Samurai Pizza Cat) ", probably as Nori"Teenage · Mutant · Ninja · TurtlesIt seems like it is received like ".

Anime, animation, anyway anime



VOCALOID (Vocaloid) (Reference:The reactions of overseas children who saw the Japanese who is crazy with Hatsune Miku concert are somewhat honest)

Fashion (Reference:10 overseas fashion trends Japan can not understand introduced by overseas sites)

Some women dancing with green onion ......

Men dancing with one pants


I still dance

Vending machines lined up in line (Reference:【Overseas reaction】 Pandora's melancholy "There are things not in Japan?" Foreigners surprised Tokyo's diverse vending machines, It is unusual for abroad because there are few vending machines filled with gold inside as it is because of crime prevention reasons)

Educational confectionery

"Happy Kitchen Hamburger" (Reference:Nippon Warota wwww Overseas reaction: Overseas reactions watching a video of 'Happy kitchen hamburger' made with water)

I thought that she cut spit bamboo ... ....

The sword blew away behind

Martial Arts in Children

I will speak with you on the back.

3 people together ... ...

Oh my

Physical enthusiasts

Head butt!

Also head butt!

Head butt! I think that

Next is sports. I will spin hard with a unicycle

It seems that 180 people challenge the big rope using 90 ropes

I am challenging the Guinness record that how many walnuts can be divided by ass in 1 minute

Is a soccer ball of 60 km / h that can be killed with a sword?


Dosco dos Coy

I will dance in circles

Animals also dance (Kotobukiya CM - YouTube)

Raccoon came also ......


So, it is a movie that wants to wit a little distant, "Japan seen from overseas ...", but this movieBrazilVersionIndiaversion,RussiaVersion etc.Of various countriesThere are so many people like this, so it seems that only Japan is made especially intensely ... ....

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