"Mobile Usage" such as "Google will earn 90,000 yen in 1 second and Apple will sell 80 iPhones in 10 seconds" and so on with the best of data on mobile terminals

Worldwide mobile terminal users exceeded 4.43 billion people. With this smart phone or tablet showing the explosive popularity, you can see the pages that show you how many services are consumed at a tremendous speedDealSunnyIt is open to the public.

Experience realtime growth of mobile usage data

The page display time is counted on the "Experience realtime growth of mobile usage data" page. It is a mechanism to know how much the number related to the mobile terminal will increase in the time counted.

"About data related to Google" when about 10 seconds passed referring to the count as follows. More than 200,000 Google searches were done on mobile devices in just 10 seconds, so Google seems to get $ 8,500 in advertising revenue.

The 10-second data of the messenger application "WhatsApp". Over 4 million messages, over 90,000 photo data, over 25,000 voice messages, over 10,000 movie data are being sent.

More than 500 smartphones will be sold in 10 seconds. Samsung terminal 100 or more, iPhone 80 or more devices are sold in only 10 seconds There is a ridiculous feeling of speed.

10 seconds data of online site. More than 500 items are sold for Amazon and over 1,700 items for Alibaba and over 250 people ride in taxis and white taxes at Uber.

If you click the time under the screen count, you can switch to data of a certain period such as data per hour. For example, with 1 hour data on Apple, it seems that 26,395 iPhones are sold, 3 million applications, 900 thousand songs of iTunes are downloaded, and 96 new apps are approved in the App Store.

SNS data per hour looks like this. Twitter has 17 million Tweets, Facebook is accessed by 29 million people, more than 100 million times are "nice" and you can see that more than 125 million movies are played on mobile devices.

2 billion e-mails were confirmed on the mobile terminal in one hour, and SMS was sent 768 million.

Traffic of movies watched worldwide in an hour is 4.991 petabytes. There are 4 million pictures taken and 3 million dollars (about 320 million yen) revenue is rising from mobile games.

DealSunny also noted that "Starbucks has an active user of 16 million mobile applications, settled with 8 million mobile applications a week", "300,000 pieces in the past 3 years "56% of data traffic on mobile is being consumed in the US" "Of the 160 million active users on Facebook, 54% use Facebook only on mobile devices "Being a user of Skype mobile applications downloaded more than 1 billion times" "As of 2016 mobile data traffic per month is 6.2 exabytes (6200 petabytes)" Is cited.

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