"Apple - Every Second" that iPhone, iPad, Mac, applications, and songs are continuously selling at the explosive speed every second every second

The infograph that one shot understands how data such as Apple's product sales volume, revenue, application download number, application usage frequency, research funds, advertisement expenses, etc. are piling up with tremendous speed "Apple - Every Second"is.

Apple - Every Second

When you open Apple - Every Second, it counts one second at the top of the page and you can see Apple related data such as iPhone and Apple Watch time sales volume of Apple products such as iPhone and Apple Watch.

Looking at the data for 10 seconds, it seems that 66 iPhones, 13 iPads and 5 Macs are on sale.

Four of Apple Watch and three of iPad Pro are sold in 10 seconds, and the total revenue is $ 60,5072 (about 6,670,000 yen).

Apple earnings in 10 seconds is $ 13,353 (about 1.38 million yen). App Store apps are downloaded 8000 times in 10 seconds and 2431 songs are downloaded in iTunes.

The revenue for the App Store is $ 6342 (about 650,000 yen). The number of messages being sent with the iMessage application has reached 4,626,930, and the number of FaceTime video chat calls is 2315 times.

The map application accepts 82,672 queries. The number of visitors at the Apple Store is 116 people. Also, recycle the old iPhone and get 13 dollars (about 1300 yen) in 10 seconds"Gold" has been extracted.

Research funds of 3171 dollars (about 330,000 yen) and advertisement costs of 571 dollars (about 59,000 yen) are used in 10 seconds, and Apple Pay pays $ 3456 (about 350,000 yen) I will.

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