A camera application "Analog Camera" that can filter and share photos taken with haste with everyone

Basically, it is designed to be able to operate lightly one after another with a single hand, and the camera application focusing on shooting light → efficiently shooting → filter → sharing a little bit quicklyAnalog Camera"is. ToDo application of very excellent appearance and operability "Clear"There is only what Realmac Software did, and we are specializing in narrowing down functions and operating simple.

Analog Camera Realmac Software

IPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) found on the iTunes App Store, and iPad compatible analog cameras

You can understand how quickly you can shoot, process and share actually by looking at the following movies. It will be in a flash.

Analog Camera for iPhone on Vimeo

So to actually use it. First start by tapping the icon.

Tap to show how to use the application, so tap dondond till the explanation is over and let's go ahead

Then it becomes as follows, so to process the photograph in the camera roll, tap "OK" to give access permission

This is the initial screen. The image of the camera roll is displayed at the top, you can shoot by tapping the camera icon at the bottom center. When you tap the center of the screen at the time of shooting, "Exposure" which can specify the position where the exposure is matched is displayed as a green aperture icon, and when you tap the double tap "Focus" to be focused is displayed as a blue square frame. Also, when you tap simultaneously with two fingers it is possible to display both together.

It is also the point that the horizontal line is attached properly in the center and it is displayed. It is not quite enough to display a grid or the like, but it should be possible to see the minimum horizontal width.

After taking a picture, select the photo you want to process.

Choice a picture of a pigeon. You can filter by tapping the check mark icon on the right.

Nine patterns of screens will appear after shooting. Picture not in the middle of 9 division screen.

There are 8 filters in all, first this Camden


Marble Arch






In this time, tap Camden to select.

By tapping the save icon in the lower left of the photo you can save the filtered photos

If you tap the mail icon, hurry to the mail transmission screen.

It is also possible to open it in another application, for example Instagram

You can instantly post to Facebook by tapping the face button of Facebook.

You can tweet immediately on Twitter.

You can also edit photos taken into the iPhone, for example, what will happen in the case of the following picture ......

ByWerner Kunz

It will be

Processing the photographs of the light grain ... ...

ByGiovanni Orlando

Like this.

Here are photos based on white and black ......

ByBrandon Warren

It makes me feel like atmosphere.

Since it is just released, it is possible to get at 85 yen as a limited time special price, but honestly, it may be better to wait for free sale at some timing among them. Because it is too simple operability and simple function, "If you want such an application every day because such things are doing this!" If you say that you can fairly meet the demand, the frequency of "occasional sharing" It may not feel like it will be useful so far. However, compared with the use of Instagram, it is slightly faster to start up, has good operability and is easy to use because of the small number of filters so that you can quickly select with the good thing about that, and as you can see from the interface Since it can be made smoothly until just before sharing just by one hand's thumb operation, there is no need to get accustomed to the operation, and conversely, it seems that Don Dong can explode as soon as it gets used to it. So, it is worth buying if you are doing such operations everyday, and waiting because it should be hard to understand value otherwise.

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