Weather forecast application "rain map" that tells us current precipitation and rainfall prediction · rain cloud information

You can display information on how much rain is currently at your location, how long it will rain by 6 hours from now, how the current state of rain clouds is. The weather forecast application is "rain map". You can check not only the current location but also any point on the map, so if you are a frequent place to go, you can register and register quickly.

Rain map

Rain map for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad found on the iTunes App Store

Search "rain map" on iPhone or open the above page to install. "Rain map" is basic free.

At the initial startup after installation, the terms of service are displayed like this, so tap "I agree".

It started.

When you allow use of location information, we will first display the precipitation at the current position and the forecast for up to 6 hours ahead.

If you accidentally cancel the permission to use the current location information, you can turn on the switch next to "rain map" in the "location information service" item on iPhone's "Settings".

It is rain cloud information that seems to be lightly gradated. The stronger the color, the stronger the rain falls.

Rain cloud information is displayed in the range of about 7.5 km × 5 km centering on the current point, and about rain cloud information far from it is 85 yen for 7 days, 250 yen for 30 days available for purchase. When you purchase the information, the advertisement area disappears and it becomes full screen display.

Tap the fan-shaped icon visible in the lower right to expand the main menu like a ring on the outside. "Search", "MY point", "Setting" from the left side of the ring.

"Search" is the one that searches for the place where you want to know precipitation amount, as the name suggests. For example, when I looked up "Shin-Osaka Station", a specific address came out, so tap this.

Then the pin stood at the place.

Tap to display the amount of precipitation. You can display this pin even if you press and hold an arbitrary point on the map. When this state is entered, three icons are displayed below the precipitation.

The icon on the left side lists "time series weather", the weather, temperature, precipitation amount, humidity, wind speed, wind direction change every hour from that point on the list. If you want to see it finely, tap "5 minutes rainfall" on the upper right ... ...

Precipitation forecast can be seen in 5 minute increments.

The middle icon is "MY location registration". You can register it with a pin icon of your choice at that point.

When you tap "MY point" of the main menu to register the registered point, list is displayed. It is convenient to register your home, company, school, often going place.

Tap the rightmost icon to display the forecast for rain / falling. It is a rainy forecast because it is raining at this place, but unfortunately the rain seems to continue until 6 hours ahead ... ....

In the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, there was a forecast that 0.4 mm of rain began to fall from 19: 30 to 20: 30.

Nagoya castle surroundings, forecast that it stopped shortly in the midst of rain.

Return to the main menu and tap the edge of the fan-shaped menu to switch to Forecast time dial. Rain cloud information can be seen every 10 minutes and hourly by moving the slider.

Also, if you tap on the part that is curled up at the top right of the map, it switches to the weather icon screen. In this example, the amount of precipitation is indicated by the amount of water droplets, so it is possible to intuitively grasp what kind of weather it is now and how rainy it is.

You can also check information by switching hourly information by turning the dial here as well.

When launching the application, we will display the current rainfall amount, rainfall start / falling start forecast, so we can take countermeasures as soon as the weather becomes doubtful. If it is a person who does not need rain cloud information, it is possible to continue using it for free, so if you put it in, it might be useful something.

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